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Spiritual Meaning of Animal Sightings Part II

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

A recent Wasp sighting, as it flew into my Reiki Room, reminded me that there are many more animal spiritual meanings to explore. Wasps signify an evolution, development and a time for a life review, like a 'self-checkup' to see if all you are doing is truly benefiting your souls journey and allowing you to achieve greater spiritual enlightenment. Change is happening to bring you closer to your goals, take action and thrive. Open your heart to love and repeat constantly to yourself, everything happens for a reason! As success flows, be sure to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

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Spiders are signals of patience, power and progress, they are mystical and magical and want you to embrace your creativity to the fullest. Frequent sightings are ideal for those needing to get more in touch with their feminine side, as they symbolise the Divine Feminine, and want you to get in touch with your dark side to heal and grow from the past, so that you can continue to weave your own path and learn to follow your intuition much more. Building their webs is an art form that takes patience therefore apply the same to your own life, analyse all your options and discover the areas of your personality that you should be utilising more and that which you should be releasing (past memories, stored blockages) to ensure you move forwards confidently and filled with self-love.

Experiencing Flies, especially frequently around your home, is because they want you to recognise your worth, your dharma and the reason for getting up each day. The energies of the universe are saying that sudden changes are happening NOW, so be prepared! On a positive note, abundance is waiting for you, your goals are manifesting, even with the surprising adjustments in your life. Be kind, as they definitely want you to watch your words (to YOURSELF and those around you). What we think, we become for sure! They are a warning to move away from those having a destructive, manipulative effect on your existence and mental wellbeing. Step away from the gossips, the narcissistic individuals, who are jealous of you and all you are becoming.

On my walk today, many Robins appeared, grabbing my attention, conveying good luck, renewal and new beginnings. Perfect this week as we are in the new moon cycle with the alternating and immense transformations it is bringing. When you trust in your intuitive and extrasensory abilities, you can know in your heart and mind what is going to show up and what it is you need to do next. Robins are a sign of Spring, passion and rebirth, exciting!

Clients close to Richmond have seen sightings of the Otters living locally in the Thames. They want us to let more joy and fun into our lives, happiness is a journey, not a destination. Stop struggling against the current of life, delve into your subconscious and clear anything holding you back. Over thinking and worry are a waste of your time, relax, breathe and laugh as often as possible.

Horses become visible to us because we are powerful and able to change anything, when we believe. They are emblems of freedom, gateways to fresh direction within our lives and advise you to share your gifts with the world in a bigger way. Another animal sighting showing up because of the rollercoaster of emotions, adventures and seeming instabilities 2020 is providing (so far) to ensure we expand and flourish this year. You are an independent, strong and trustworthy soul with a lot to offer the world in your physical form.

The universe loves to send us synchronicities, learn from sightings, act on your dreams and desires, in a bigger and better way, and you will shine. Life is short, spend it doing what makes your heart beat fast and causes you to feel totally alive.



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