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Spiritual Meaning of Animal Sightings Part III

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Sightings and synchronistic events are messages from the universe, your spirit guides and guardian angels to nudge your awareness, assist you with your direction, with making decisions and to let you know that you are supported. It is super important to investigate signs that appear, there is always a message in there for you, and discovering more helps you with tuning in to the energies around you, allowing you to live to your fullest potential and learn to trust your intuition to better interpret the communications that are before you. The more you awaken spiritually, the greater the signs that show up for you. As I am writing this a beautiful orange and black butterfly flew into my Reiki Room. They represent joy, happiness and rebirth, and appear as reminder we can go through a metamorphosis, as they do, and change our world every day.

Ladybirds are symbols of good luck, an indication that it is a vital time to make changes in your life. Time to step outside your comfort zone, dare to be different and great abundance will materialise. Spiritual Awakening is your calling and belief in the miraculous miracles and happiness available to you right now. Take a playful approach, embody the innocence of childlike joy and learn all you can about yourself to make the right choices going forwards.

Cockroaches also signify being reborn and that you have resilience and strength for the new start that is unfolding on your life path. The fact that you 'go that extra mile' no matter what you are called to do is highlighted by seeing them.

The Raven, although like the crow, they have unique explanations. Seeing them, especially in large numbers, is a message that you are being called to face and clear troublesome thoughts, feelings and habits that a re blocking your growth. Your thoughts create your world and each 'difficulty' is a lesson for the next stages of life. Take a moment for self-reflection and always look for the light in the 'darkness'. You are amazing and deeply loved.

Sightings of animals that have crossed over can make us feel sad and unsettled but there are positive meanings and we see them to shed light on unresolved issues and past situations. Death represents the transitions we are experiencing.

In the past week, I have seen three dead pigeons, on separate days, close to my home, which is most unusual but when considering this further, they represent the current life changes I am experiencing. Dead Birds symbolise the end of a search, struggle or turmoil and that new beginnings are approaching. They are an omen of the ending of all that no longer serves you, making way for fabulous changes to you and your surroundings. I am searching for a new home right now! A message to acknowledge emotions and release the 'old skin' of past thoughts, feelings and actions around a topic.

A dead Fox is a message that you are going to succeed over challenging individuals and step away from their energies. In Native American culture, foxes are wise messengers and have great healing powers so even in death they are pointing out that a change is needed to achieve the personal growth you have long been desiring. Take that leap!

When anyone or anything departs the physical form, it brings up emotional and mental pain. Sightings, on a personal level, represent the end of a cycle, a massive period of change, growth and spiritual expansion. It does depend on the location of the sighting too...all signs have multiple means to guide us on our path of transformation.

Discover the meaning of more synchronistic sightings in my previous blogs: Spiritual Meaning of Animal Sightings Part I & Part II.



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