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Sirius Lion's Gate Portal 08.08.2022

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The Lion's Gate Portal is an extremely powerful energy shift that occurs as the Sirius Star, the Sun in Leo, Orion's Belt and Earth all line up, synchronising magically and activating a gateway between the spiritual and physical worlds. We are witnessing amazing synchronicities, bright ideas and creativity, new friendships building, clarity for our decisions, and path, going forwards, plus the enhancement of our personal power, manifesting and psychic abilities. Leaving the past in the past, once the healing is complete, is paramount this week. Sirius A is the brightest star in the night sky and is the Spiritual Sun, hence why all that is manifesting for us is yin and yang and so divinely life changing. The super charged light codes available for us to download and transform our physical, emotional and mental selves are magnificent. Open your hearts, quieten your logical mind and enjoy this journey of ascension as we upgrade Mother Earth and all the energies within it.

The portal is open and the ascension process is accelerating at a magical speed, we are witnessing a quantum leap into new timelines and possibilities. The Lion's Gate began on 26th July (Galactic New Year) and the gateway fully opens on 8th August 2022, as Orion's Belt moves into direct alignment with the Pyramids of Giza. The effects will be felt until 15th/16th August 2022, it is going to be an exciting month. The cosmic energy shifts are going to be felt even by those choosing to remain 'asleep' to the power of working with their personal and the universal energy fields.

The energetic transformations are mind blowingly beautiful, sometimes sickeningly challenging and causing many more people to wake up to the power of working with the energies and to heal themselves. Everything has an energy, so be careful how you treat every single thing in your life - people, plants, insects, animals and most importantly YOURSELF. Every thought you think affects your health, wellbeing and ability to stand strong, no matter what occurs.

The increase in threats and nasty occurrences for those who are making waves and improving human consciousness is going to continue. The darkside are trying to throw us off and we are NOT going to let them. Lightworkers and Starseeds are uniting to expand the strength of the healing and positive vibes permeating out into the collective. I, personally, am doubling up my protection rituals, daily meditations and escalating my self-care routine, so that I can remain grounded, balanced and indestructible. My favourite mantra is; Merkaba, I AM programming you to make me invisible, untraceable and unreachable to any frequencies that are less than LOVE.

I have to go through these challenges too, so that I can better help others cope when less than positive energies manifest. I had a perfect example on Wednesday, as I was preparing for a client, a man jumped over the wall in my garden and tried to break in through my bedroom window. You can imagine what I said to him (for those that know me, heehee, I am calm until attacked energetically, this is when Love, Light & F**k You Too comes in!) and he jumped back over the wall and left, he pretended he was being chased. It is insulting that they think we are clueless but once more they tried to mess with the wrong soul. The police phone line was like calling the bank - 'our lines are particularly busy at this time' so I hung up and called my neighbour. A beautiful soul who went out and brought additional locks for my front window and came and fixed them between my clients - without me asking him too. A massive positive after the negative, and seems to be how it is unfolding. It was most certainly a test of my ability to re-ground, especially as it was 15 minutes before the arrival of a client, and balance myself and go on to help souls heal themselves for the rest of the day, without his actions throwing me off. Every time stuff like this happens it makes me stronger and more assured of my skills, so please reevaluate yourself when unpleasant stuff shows up, all lessons for our growth. You are powerful, impenetrable and here on planet earth NOW for a reason so let's get escalating our personal healing and working harder on raising our vibrations daily. Know that you are not alone, when you feel like the dark energies are messing with you, it is happening to us all.

The Lion's Gate Portal energies are magnifying to us what needs extra work, where we need to alter our perceptions, and build on our connections with the energies around and within us and how operating with them greatly improves each moment. Daily mantra: 'We live in heaven on earth and life is easy', declaring life is easy, reshapes your day.

Ascension is a self-realisation journey, unlearning that which holds you back, there are massive cosmic energy realignments and we are creating a new earth. Teaching the little people in our world how to work with energy is much needed. Unconsciousness is self-abuse, remove hate and judgement and reset your karmic journey today. The frequency you put out is matched by the universal energies, so vibe high every moment. Earth is no longer a frequency controlled prison, we are FREE beings here to have lots of fun, love and laughter. Time to feel fully at home in your physical, mental and emotional form. Changing your diet - animals, dairy, gluten and sugar - can assist you in maintaining balance and calm.

Please know that no spiritual teacher, guru etc is better than YOU, you are awakening at such a lightning speed that you are catching up. Some of us may have been on the path longer and been healing ourselves and others for longer, BUT that does not make us better than anyone, especially you. When another makes you feel 'less than' then they need removing from your world.

A plethora of mantras and intentions empower your energies and all that you draw into your world, such as: 'I manage my responses and the negative intensity dissipates', 'I trust me', 'I love learning greater ways to manage my energy in new situations',

Daily self-reiki, meditations, exercise, walking in nature, dancing, setting intentions all helps. Time to keep our ego in check, balance logic with intuition and enjoy everything. Remember, no one's opinion matter but your own. What you expect to happen will happen so, as the magnificent Dr. Wayne Dyer said, 'Change your thoughts, change your world'. Your energy is sacred, preserve and heal it so that you can be sure to have a magical time, no matter what is going on in the external world. It is important we share the power of energy and how working with it can vastly improve life with the young people in our worlds too.

To book Spiritual Coaching, Quantum Energy Healing, House Cleansing, an Intuitive Reading, Energetic Imprint Removal, Reiki + Coaching for Young People, or any of my services - drop me an email or via the website contact page. All via Zoom/at a Distance or In-Person, Richmond, London. UK. Reiki is about honesty, truth and trust, we are celebrating 100 years - the centenary - in 2022. Usui, and my father's, birthday is on 15th August, many life altering souls are born in the month of August. Let's get the energy in your body cleansed, cleared and rebalanced a.s.a.p.



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