Nurturing An Empathetic Child

Updated: May 4

Learning all you can about how best to nurture and support an empathetic child, as a parent, teacher, auntie, grandparent, etc, is extremely important so that as they navigate life they are able to understand, use and appreciate their natural gifts and talents. Empaths are highly tuned into the feelings of others (and their own), they are aware when someone is not ok and can sense and predict events, happenings, and even disease within another before it occurs. We are born empathetic and the earlier they can grasp an understanding of all that they see, sense, and feel in the world, the easier their life journey will be. Throughout life I have been told 'you are too sensitive', no, I am just highly sensitive, intuitive, and (for me) clairsentient. I experience another's physical and emotional pain as my own, which is ok now that I know what is going on but let's shout it from the rooftops so that the next empathetic generation can recognise, release and thrive no matter what they have taken on from other people.

From the age of nine months, children begin to exhibit empathy and you will be able to recognise it by the way they react to and behave around others. How much they pick up, and, sometimes, how drained they can become by another person's energies and reactions but also the environment they can experience. It can manifest later in life too as antisocial behaviour, preferring to be alone than in groups, because they do not know what to do with the intense feelings or it is too tiring. Adults can actually make sensitive children feel so much worse, another reason to discover all you can to help. Anger is one emotion that is really upsetting to empaths and this can be when it is someone else displays it or they exhibit anger themselves because of the confusion about why they feel everything and are unable to explain it. Anxiety can easily turn to anger, especially when socially the emotions are heightened. Energetically, when you are angry the other person steals or gets your issues dumped on them from, your energy. If the other person gets angry with you then you steal their energy - which can be toxic, negative, and broken energies.

Loneliness is prevalent amongst empaths too, preferring to be alone than deal with the minefield of emotions they pick up around people. I remember going to sit down at the end of the garden behind the bonfire as a child, which intensified the loneliness and fear but I at least did not have to deal with the emotions of another. The more we awaken the more our coping mechanisms are elevated. One emotion I cannot tolerate is violent films (or violence anywhere), as it is unnecessary pain inflicted on another, even though it is made-up or as part of a video game etc, many empaths are the same.

Synchronistically this quote showed up the other day and if you have not been able to do the work before having/looking after little ones then NOW is the perfect time.

For those who have been able to discover spirituality and the ability to heal their past trauma and ancestral patterns before having children, that is awesome but afterwards (now) is fabulous too, so that you can break bad habits and stop, often inadvertently, passing your phobias, fears, and inner stresses onto your child. When kids have gone through troubled upbringings they can overcompensate with their own child or 'punish' others for the love they did not receive. One reason a person's healing can be delayed is that spiritual practices have been hidden and suppressed for so many years because of the dogma of religion and the control the pharmaceutical industry wants to have on the human race. Let's work to change that and as such the lives of the children of the world and their children to come. There are many books, courses, podcasts, blogs, and films that can assist your journey. Hay House is the biggest self-help publisher and they have many books for children and adults and I have included the key ones I have discovered so far here: blog with some suggestions:

One of the biggest things to do is to discover how to work with are the energies of the New and Full Moon. Track how you all feel the week before and after and see which affects each of you the most. Record the dates on the calendar to ensure you are conscious of the energy changes and the effects they can have on your moods, responses, and innermost feelings. The remainder of 2021 dates are here: Then you can share the knowledge with your empathetic child and help them to further nurture their abilities.


  • As the empathic child feels/senses/know how another feels it is paramount to share with them that they cannot help everyone. It is one of the hardest lessons to learn because we just want everyone to feel amazing and can be an especially hard one if it is another member of the family or someone super close to him or her. One lesson for them is that it is not their job to make others happy, although we spend life trying to

  • Show them how to protect their energy and cleanse their energies after difficult interactions, more details here: Handserenity Protection Blogs

  • Traits that appear can include being unusually sensitive to sights, smells, sounds, and emotions (like seeing others argue) and displaying a beyond their years perception of others and situations, especially if someone is lying to them. Be open, honest, and heal yourself as much as possible to help them manage these attributes and give them a greater ability to enjoy life more fully and with less overwhelm and confusion because of their sensitivity

  • How children come into the world affects them massively with their ability to feel secure and grounded. The type of birth and whether they were able to choose when to come out into the world or where induced etc plus the method of birth then the subsequent attachments established (or not) up until 2 years old impacts us all. Learning Reiki to apply when troublesome emotions arise and to manage and reset the bad habits shown to them as they grow is life-changing, the youngest I have taught is 9 years old and the transformations remind me why I get up in the morning!

  • Relaxation and grounding techniques must be taught through Reiki, Meditation, Yoga and such like and practiced daily to help them to clear negativity collected from others, allowing them to calm from within even in chaos and strengthen their resolve

  • Encourage schools, universities, and such, to teach empathy management and emotional intelligence. We need more awakened empaths to change the trajectory of life as we know it and remove the colossal levels of stress, anxiety, depression and suicide that are paramount. Life does not have to be so hard for the next generations

  • Empathetic kids will complain of aches and pains from the symptoms they are experiencing because another is in pain. Symptoms such as headaches, which can occur because of a build-up of emotional stress plus tummy aches, the solar plexus chakra, where we store all complex emotions and traumatic experiences

  • As little people, we do not realise that it is another's pain we have taken on so the biggest thing you can do is to help them to express how they feel. As empaths, we take on the stress, pain, and discombobulating thoughts and feelings of the adults and children around us and it can be so exhausting!

  • Empaths have often gone through a trauma in this or past lifetimes and the hyper-vigilance and skill to read others is super strong

  • Extra bundles of love, compassion, and displays of affection, through hugs and listening to them so that they are not stopped from expressing how they feel, even if it is an emotion or pain taken on from another is key

  • Teaching them how to set intentions for their day can provide a positive focus and aid in manifesting positive thoughts

There are lots more things to discover and learn, it is an ongoing process but the more you can do now the better. Do share any of your experiences below and we can help everyone to help empathetic children blossom and live more freely.



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