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Working with Your Merkaba To Attract Magic Into Your Life

Updated: Feb 5

Merkaba (also called Merkabah) means light-body-spirit and is your chariot to ascension, they are super powerful energy spheres in which everything exists, supplying you with an enlightened activation instrument for your growth. They are a spiritual vehicle that helps your journey to awaken fully to other dimensions of unity and love, that exist beyond the mind. Your Merkaba is a protective barrier that can be used to increase your powers, but do keep in mind that all your requests must be based on unconditional love and for the highest good of all. One reason that their existence faded from humanity is because, in the past, people have abused their spiritual and psychic powers, but not anymore. We want to transform the way everyone lives and vastly improve the way society is formed and functions. The upgrading of human consciousness has been talked about a lot and it is here, NOW.

The shape of the Merkaba, the interlocked tetrahedrons, represent the duality of existence – the body and spirit. We all have one, we have just not been trained to work with them, until now. It is a wonderful vibrational cleansing tool that we need to activate frequently, and ask it for assistance on our life journey, even with the most mundane of tasks. I am eager to help more people vibe higher, to tune into their light body, along with their intuition and higher self, hence feeling called to write this blog for you. It is your personal flying saucer and provides a greater connection to your Akashic Records, the records of your past, present and potential future, and allows them to become conscious to you daily.

Your Merkaba is alive and is the creative pattern of your life, made up of ½ Love and ½ Knowledge. A reminder to work with your instinct (your inner knowledge) and increase the love in your world for yourself and others. Our bodies 'keep score' on what trauma is left and this can manifest as dis-ease, hence why it is so important to learn how to frequently change the energy within your physical form via energy healing then use the additional tools, like your Merkaba, to enhance your day, every day. Michelangelo's famous drawing of the human body is set within a merkaba, it nearly resurfaced for our attention so many times.

After I activated my Merkaba, some months ago, via an astral travel journey, I noticed the veins in my left wrist form in the shape of it, appearing strongest whenever I am vibing high and am fully tuned in to the energies that surround us and my guides. I was so drawn to the power and teachings of this light-body-spirit tool that I now have a (vegan) Tattoo on my wrist, a wonderful reminder for me to connect with, and work with it. I do this after my morning Self-Reiki session, balancing my chakras and removing any negativity that I may have collected from people, situations and thought patterns. I can teach you (1-2-1 In-Person or via Zoom) in 3.5 hours, so you can improve your health, wellbeing and stress levels yourself daily, Energy Healing is incredible.

When using your Merkaba know that you cannot tamper with another person’s free will, it is there to assist YOU and your life path, not that of others. Soul Contracts that you have made in this, or past lives, need to be broken via a Past Life Regression, or similar journey, they cannot be overridden by your commands to your Merkaba. It is here to assist you in the here and now. Your Merkaba can bring to light things that need healing in your life. You will need to take the physical steps to change your health and wellbeing, such as eating cleanly, removing animals and dairy from your world, to truly tune into your authentic self constantly.

They live outside of your aura, your etheric field, around your body and connect to the seven chakras within. Your aura is made up of the following and in this order:

  • The Etheric Layer lies close to your body, 1.3 cms wide and is grey, white or blue – use it to mentally connect it to your red root/ kundalini chakra

  • The Emotional body which expands out 2.5-9 cms, is mainly orange in colour yet contains droplets of blue, yellow and green. Visualise connecting it up to the front and back of your sacral chakra

  • The Mental body extends out 19 cms from your physical form and contains bubbles of yellow, green and blue, connect this with your solar plexus chakra

  • The Astral body magnifies out up to 30 cms from the mental body and contains blobs of pastel pinks and blues

  • Etheric Template lies beyond your astral field, out up to 60 cms and contains grey and blue colours for connection to your throat chakra openings at the front and back of your body

  • Celestial body, situated beyond the etheric template, up to 90 cms from the body, mother of pearl in colour and connect it to your third eye chakra, at the front and back

  • Causal Body or Ketheric Template – beyond the celestial body, extends out up to 130 cms/4ft, a golden light. Mentally connect it to your crown chakra and the white light above it. The exterior of the Causal Body forms your protective auric shield

  • Then a silver cord from your crown chakra that extends upwards to infinity, to connect you to your higher consciousness, to the full energies of the universe

Your Merkaba does not like deadlines, the same as the universe, so when creating your affirmations be open that you will receive that which you most believe you are worthy of and are ready for. Once activated we need to speak to our Merkaba at least 4 times a day and the programming wording we use goes something like:

“Merkaba, I AM manifesting a life of luxury where I experience a surplus of abundance of love, happiness and money”

“Merkaba, I AM programming you to teach me that which I most need to learn about…”

“Merkaba, I AM programming you to make me invisible, untraceable, and unreachable to any frequencies that are less than love

There are many videos on YouTube that provide you with the full activation process. Drunvalo Melchizedek has been the master teacher and reading his books, or those of his students, greatly aid this activation. Maureen St. Germain’s books are wonderful and supply updated teachings on this and the ascension expedition to be your full authentic self on planet earth. If you want to book coaching, energy healing treatments and teachings, readings or shamanic soul retrieval journeys then do get in touch. We are magical beings, here to enjoy everything we do, to a level we have not understood before now. Have a magical day.



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