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Quantum Reiki Energy Healing, Autism & Learning Difficulties

I am inspired to re-share this blog once more, as many souls continue to step forward, to discover working with the energies in greater ways to manage the medical industry's diagnosis labels of ADHD, ADD, Autism + Neurodiversity. Children are our future, and so many are awakened spiritual beings, with their innate psychic abilities remaining intact. Super enlightened souls that operate at a different energy frequency than society was used to but everything is upgrading. They are often gravely misunderstood and unnecessarily medicated, harming their future and that of the world as a whole. By learning to work with the energy within and around them, and yourself, then you can better help them to evolve and improve life for everyone.

Many of us felt (putting this in the past tense as their are so many dynamic souls here, now) like the 'loose piece of the jigsaw', the 'square peg in the round hole' and today children are diagnosed, labelled + medicated, when they perform outside of the 'norm'. They are unique souls here to teach the world a whole new way of perceiving everything, even the simplest of activities. They are starseeds who are here to teach society a far better way of living and move out of the old constructs.

Growing up I was always told I was 'too sensitive', no, I could ( + still can) sense how people feel, whether they in pain, sad, distressed, the difficulties they are suffering and the anxiety situations bring for them.

We need to get rid of these labels, and the legal prescribed drugs, and reevaluate how these individuals communicate, how they see daily life and how situations affect them. Many are very spiritual and highly empathic, hence why they react with such extremes in situations.

Growing up I was always told I was 'too sensitive', no, I could sense how people feel, whether they in pain, sad, distressed, the difficulties they are suffering and the anxiety situations bring for them. When adults cannot understand the way the child reacts, the individual can sense this, causing more frustration and upset, because they cannot verbalise it themselves, as they no not yet fully understand it all. They just see, + perceive, the world in magical ways, and want to help everyone heal and be happy, they can sense stuff before it happens too. Energy Healing - Innerdance Online Sessions via Zoom + Quantum Reiki - is exceptional for souls on this journey, as it promotes relaxation, removes anxiety and negative emotional blockages and aids sleep (our natural rebuilding tool!). This allows people to learn new ways to be calm, to live more positively, and build greater confidence and self-worth. Everyone is a unique piece of life's puzzle.

Square Peg Round Hole

I know first-hand that by performing Energy Healing regularly on myself, and others, my own anxiety dissolves. As an empath, I used to easily take on negative vibes and energies from situations, others, and the environment, that manifest as anxious, worried thoughts. I am grateful that I now recognise them and know how to release the thoughts, feelings and emotions. I am always looking to learn new ways to handle the negativity the world throws at us too. Positive news agencies and stories work to change the trajectory of the constant negativity, but they are still minute. They are continuing to emerge more and more, to up lift humanity, which is exciting, turning off the news is key.

Quantum Energy Healing Treatments are amazing for helping overly-anxious autistic spectrum children - + adults - to help them understand the world as it is expected by the 'norm'. Quantum Reiki is a stronger form of energy healing, that works with the energy centres within and outside of the body. Children + Adults can also benefit from being taught Reiki, even the basics, so daily self-healing can occur, and help everyone to take time to introduce calm thoughts and feelings. It assists them to realise, even in a small way, that it can take time to be calm, that it does not come naturally to most of us. When children are in a classroom struggling with learning issues, as their brain processes the information differently, then they can take time out to breathe and perform energy focused hand positions. I taught a young child of 8 many years ago, that was constantly sent to the 'chill out room' at school, who goes to the bathroom, centres herself and because best friends with the young boy who she was most triggered by - because she wanted to remove his pain, without realising it. Many of the young children I have taught have achieved amazing results. It is about getting them to understand there is nothing bad or 'wrong' with them, their make-up just means they do things differently to get to the end result.

Energy Healing is a natural and safe 'medicine', a method of self-improvement that can greatly help with our development. If a child is hyperactive, unsure of strangers, or extremely sensitive to touch then Distance Sessions work amazingly. In-Person the treatment is always performed a few inches from the body, without touch or even across room, when desired. I sometimes use this method with animals that won't keep still, this does not make the session any less powerful and they are able to feel more in-control of the energies. I have my eyes closed during each treatment and tune into the energies, place myself energetically in the location, so the proximity to me does not matter, hence why I am able to perform sessions throughout the world.

It can be common for children with autism to fall asleep during a session, as they become relaxed and at ease. Neurodiversity is complex, the levels vary by individual, contrasting foods, treatments and teachings work differently for each unique soul, as I am sure you know! Energy Healing works for all levels as energy is not limited by time or space. Treatments ignite the immune system, encouraging natural internal healing, assisting in improving the imbalances found particularly in Autistic Spectrum children, such as the mercury levels. Energy healing is provided in hospitals & treatment centres throughout the world, one great example is in Great Ormond Street Hospital, particularly the child cancer patients.

When looking for diagnoses, parents are often brushed away with recommendations like 'be firmer' and so forth, without full investigations. It is key we get to the cause of the behaviour's and not with mainstream medication - unless truly unavoidable. As autism spectrum children are super sensitive the 'recommended dose' can sometimes be too strong and so needs reducing. There are a lot of articles, videos and dietary advice online and from parents who have found ways to cure their children themselves naturally. Changing the diet intake of an autistic child aids with the heavy metal detoxification and the healing of the gut. Sensory Processing disorder (autism) is known to be caused by mercury poisoning, which can happen if the mother is given certain fillings dangerous to unborn babies or unwittingly consuming products with unusually high levels. 

One lady who has done this successfully via diet is Karen Thomas of She has been in holistic health for 28 years, 24 of those practicing Craniosacral Therapy, (balancing the bones of the head to allow the brain to function at optimum). There are awesome free downloads on her site for diet plans and suggested supplements, like, coconut kefir. Eliminating gluten, dairy + animals has a massive impact on improving health, vitality, strength + patience. Plus they may sense the souls of the dead fish + animals, as I do, which may not be quiet clear to them but give them a sense that what they are doing is wrong, further lower self-worth inadvertently. Everyone is different, there is no one solution fits all.

I believe, as our bodies frequently renew themselves, we can find a level of understanding for everything, especially the power of working with energy, then we can really help children having difficulty with the behaviour's we take for granted. Children within the autism spectrum function differently, but it is changing our perceptions and working with their unique abilities rather than trying to 'normalise' them, that is our journey. What is 'normal' anyway??!! It is possible to remove the headaches, stomach cramps, high levels of anxiety, depression, sensor issues etc with Energy Healing too. 

Quantum Reiki restores emotional, physical + mental balance to the body and mind, helping us integrate the increased light sources available at this time. Quantum energies expand as we tune into, and connect with, the energies outside of Mother Earth, our human wifi, as well as those within ourselves, allowing us to operate at a stronger, more empowered level. Life's challenges, + negative learned behaviours and thoughts, cause the flow of energy within us to become stifled, causing blockages and toxins to accumulate. We need to frequently clear the physical form, to stimulate the immune system, our natural healing abilities, to increase internal healing, calmness and personal control. Regular sessions benefit the recipient with increased awareness, insight, wisdom and personal growth. Reiki is powerful in the healing of a child with learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD, autism and high levels of anxiety. Quantum Reiki Energy Healing, Autism & Learning Difficulties is a topic I will continue to research, as helping more children is one of my most important goals.

The 'new' term of neurodiverse is at least better than 'special needs' - they are especially unique, magical and wonderful souls here to help civilisation grow, evolve and heal to new levels. Have an amazing day / evening / week ahead. Be kind to yourself and others, even generating a smile in another, can brighten yours + their days. I often challenge myself when I go out to see how many people I can get to smile back, as I walk down the street happy, greeting people as I go. To book a Quantum Energy Healing Treatment or some Life Coaching for you or your loved ones or to Learn Level I (Children + Adults) + Level II - so that you can treat them, or to upgrade with Innerdance Sessions Online via Zoom, then do get in touch HERE.



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***updated blog

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Both my friends children suffer with autism and I’m looking for a strategy to be able to help them as I am my Reiki practitioner one child is 9 and one is age 11 any ideas that have been tried and has had a good success story

would be helpful

its always good to get others input when working with children

love and light

Apr 10, 2023
Replying to

Hi, just discovered your comment so apologies for the large delay. 'Autism' is a label...both of them are unique and see the world as we all should so we need to learn from them :-). Reiki treatments will help them to bring themselves back into balance, as you know, and I would recommend they learn Reiki Level I, so that they can practise on themselves and use the Principle hand positions to remove worry, anger etc. I have a video on my Youtube that may help too Namaste Emma

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