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Soul Retrieval to Heal Soul Loss

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

The many practices of Shamanism, at their core, remind us of our place in the web of life and our need to live in balance with the seen and unseen forces that shape our universe. Shamanism, like spirituality, has long been misunderstood and condemned for generations. Many of our connections to the old shamanic ways have been previously cut but not destroyed and we can learn the art of the amazing way indigenous people embrace life, the planet and each other. Our destiny is to apply our magnificent creativity to discovering spiritually fulfilling, sustainable, and socially just, solutions to the challenges we face today. Shamanism has an important role to play in this, to learn from direct experience rather than faith, and espouse a more connected way of living.

One great example I was exposed to recently is the shamanic knowledgeability of depression - "it relates to the inner journey we must take to release what has expired, and to retrieve what needs to come forth. It is the call from Mother Earth for us to re-enter her belly, to be dismembered and reassemble in our new form. It entails surrendering to a symbolic death to create new space for our renewed passion, and for a soul retrieval drumming journey. Then we are deeply rooted in the consciousness of Mother Earth and filled with vitality to co-create life. In today's world, we are suffering from a collective soul loss" Marcela Lobos, author of Awakening Your Inner Shaman.

Shamanic Healing enhances and empowers us to find incredible balance and calm in our daily world. Sometimes it can be a level of calm far greater than before the event happened, especially when combined with all the life changing tools we have now learned and incorporated into our lives. Shamanism is as old as humanity itself and I have always felt a great affinity with it. It allows us to travel beyond the confines of the middle world, into the lower and upper worlds to truly discover who we are and our purpose in the physical realm at this time. I am grateful I am able to travel between the upper, middle and lower worlds to further help others become even greater versions of themselves.

Soul Retrieval Shamanic Drumming Ceremonies are the shamanic tool for collecting and healing fragmented parts of your soul lost through trauma, shock and life changing events. They allow for the releasing of emotional wounds and letting go of the past once and for all. ‘I feel like a part of me is missing’ is a very apt saying for when retrieval journeys are needed.

When traumatic events happen we ‘lose’ some of our essence, a piece of our soul, as it can become separated from us. This can be caused by trauma, through emotional events such as loss of loved ones, abuse, separation and physical events i.e. accidents, abuse and anaesthesia. It is totally understandable and natural that this occurs, like fight or flight responses, it is a self-preservation method. We can also give away parts of our soul through difficult circumstances or complex life choices that are not for our highest good resulting in ‘I left my heart in…’, ‘I feel like a part of me left after...’, ‘I want my life back’. Emotional dependency, acute anxiety, addiction, depression are all examples of us trying to fill the missing void by looking for that missing part in the wrong places such as in others; in a bottle of drink; or over or under eating.

Each Soul Retrieval Ceremony allows us to venture to the underworld and retrieve the lost fragments of the soul. The practitioner is supported by their power animal, as they take the client on a journey to bring back the missing child. Each piece of our soul that is retrieved is in the form of a small child and it can often take more than one ceremony as the human body, mind and soul goes through a lot in a lifetime. We go and collect/retrieve them and bring them back to the here and now to restore the missing piece of the soul lost during the traumatic event. It has been likened to discovering the ‘missing key’ with the outcome causing you to feel a level of wholeness and strength far greater than before the fragment broke away. It is a time of rebirth, healing and an increase in energy levels and vitality that you kind of never felt or knew possible (except you did because we are all amazing!).

The success of these journeys requires high levels of trust, commitment and a willingness to change on the part of the client. The drumming journey consists of a consultation for identifying the key part the client wishes to retrieve, the journey (approximately 40 minutes) then with a post discussion between client and practitioner. The whole process takes up to 1–2 hours, dependent on each individual and the clarity around the incidents that have taken place.

An intention will need to be set at the beginning of the drumming journey and fully verbalised to the Practitioner, so both are aware of what the goal is, which part of the soul we are looking to retrieve and the details surrounding the traumatic event. Towards the end of the process the Practitioner will set the intention to return the energy of your soul fragment into your Crown Chakra. This is done via visualisation (the minds eye) for distance session and in-person. It is a safe space where if you feel your emotions are heightened then you are free to cry and should not suppress such feelings. The energy will need to settle at the end of the journey, so we always take a few minutes to ground as we discuss the experience and any thoughts and feelings that arose. During the journey for the lost child, it is fast paced and exhilarating as I retrieve the lost fragments of your soul, caused by the traumatic event.

Main requirement is to be open, relaxed and willing to take on the process and enjoy the journey! Healing effects can occur for up to one, two or three weeks after the session. Everyone’s experience is different; feelings can appear intensified, happy, sad or even anger but this all part of the healing process. It is a time of significant change and rebirth. Doing things you love, that make you happy, whatever that may be, aids the healing. This can be walking, dancing, reading, being with friends or family or both, singing, listening to music, swimming, yoga, reiki…anything that helps you to relax further is perfect.

Soul Retrieval, as with many other forms of holistic healing, have become so popular because we no longer want to fill our lives with ‘stuff’ but live more fulfilling and rewarding lives whilst on this physical plane. When combined with Reiki, Meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga, Sound Healing or whatever practice leaves you feeling more grounded and contented then the results return us to wonderful levels of wholeness and wellbeing so amazing that life takes on a whole new dimension, full of new choices, excitement and fascination for what tomorrow will bring.

For more information email +44 (0) 7949089265 or via the Contact Form on the website. There is 10% off Soul Retrieval for July, to take advantage of the offer, book and make payment prior to 31.07.2021 and we can conduct the ceremony during August.



+44 (0) 7949089265

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