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Scorpio New Moon & 11|11 Portal Energies

November is a turbulent month of energies, that is affecting us all, in amazing and challenging ways. No matter the level of healing achieved so far, the dark energies are tumultuous, and trying hard to throw us off. I highly advise pulling yourself out of destructive, reactive, and potentially wrong, situations, feelings and actions. It is time to contact that friend, join that group, go to that event that is outside your comfort zone, do that which makes your heart sing, not where you feel 'less than' or belittled or have to 'pretend' and cover up your authentic brilliance, it is 'NO'vember. Gratitude is our biggest power tool, so we can more easily release any worry, fear or doubt, as we focus on the magic, we have already created for ourselves. A paradigm shift occurs every time you are grateful, it is truly that simple.

On Saturday the opportunity and manifestation 11/11 Portal Ascension Gateway will peak, we have 120 hours of these energies, beginning today (09.11.2023) and continuing until New Moon Day, 13.11.2023, so let's manage our thoughts, take actions, and believe in ourselves to the highest degree. Strong new beginnings energies, sublime as we head to Monday's New Moon, the continuation of resetting, inspiring, and creating fun, happy lives. Start that project, take that risk, delve into your desires and get going, it's time! Feed the Universe, if it cannot hear you, it cannot help you, this includes your guides, dragons, archangels, archeiai, everyone of your support team on the other side. The veil is thinnest this month, between the physical and etheric realms, which is opening up enchanting doorways for us all, a potent opportunity to bring what you want alive.

When you find yourself losing focus, it is your strength, gratitude, and deep seated belief in yourself that will help. One of our last chances this year to lay the foundations for what is next. Mastery time as we vibrate higher, manage our frequencies, complete our karmic journeys and learn all about our individual magnificence and fully understand we are all one, at the same time. Reach out if you want to do some coaching, quantum healing, awaken your kundalini or any of my services.

The yoyo energies are testing our every nerve, our patience, resolve and desire to continue in the physical form - when we drop below a certain point. The past habits need to be flushed away from your energy field, so you can start anew. Karma is instant, have a bad thought about someone, or something, and it will cause a reaction within your world, so be extra careful right now. We are feeling like we are going a little crazy but is all part of the process, you are ascending to reside in a higher frequency daily, without the drama and madness of the lower energies.

We then enter the mega energies of the New Moon in Scorpio on Monday 13th November 2023 at 09:27 London, UK; 01:27 Los Angeles; 04:27 New York; 20:27 Sydney. Intention setting day, get clarity around your most way out there dreams, use the energies from the portal opening to help. It is a monumental period in your growth journey and the collective reset of Mother Earth. All happening in the intense water sign of Scorpio, many will be feeling the effects now, and for days afterwards, as we grow further, awaken more spiritually, and increase the levels of joy and laughter for everyone.

2024 (2+0+2+4=8) is going to be as energetically on fire as 2023, an 8 year of the Dragon when more communities are going to form, abundance will continue to flow to us easily and a myriad of love energies everywhere, as more vibrate a higher frequency daily, it is inevitable and absolutely fantastic! I, like so many others, have gone through a plethora of activations, clearings and upgrades that have seen physical, mental and emotional enhancements, such a wonderful journey of further enlightenment. Remember it is NOvember, refuse to give your consent to anything that does not cause your heart to dance.

Create Mantra's - My destination is...(whether this is physically, mentally or emotionally)...YOU know best on what to write and call into your life. Set those intentions and have a blast, we are here to have fun, laugh till our sides hurt and water streams from our eyes, from pure joy. Enjoy the Scorpio New Moon & 11|11 Portal Energies, it is your time to shine.



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