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Advanced Sacred Geometry For Ascension Quantum Consciousness

The Midas Star

Midas Star Sacred Geometry

The Midas Star is a prosperity symbol, to increase the abundance of Love, Money, and Success into all areas of your life. Aiding in removing the blocks you could be placing in your own way to allow all you desire from entering your world. We are taught that without money we are nothing, which is super detrimental to our wellbeing, it is time to upgrade our thought processes. Some of the happiest people are those with the least amount of 'stuff', a lesson for us all. Using this symbol welcomes a flowing river of abundance, encouraging you to stand in your power and be instrumental in improving society today. Drawing a red line underneath intensifies the strength of the energies you are calling into your world.

The Infinity Symbol

Infinity Symbol

The sacred symbol for endless, unbounding luck, abundance and manifesting magic. Call in an infinite expansion of love, joy and alchemy by visualising/drawing

Infinity Symbol for Love, Joy, Abundance

it over your body, such as with sage as you cleanse your auric field, over your possessions, such as furniture, as you cleanse the energies of your home. A healing lemniscate for welcoming greater balance and harmony to you. A delightful representation of immortality, infinity and self-fertilisation - perfect as we learn to quantum leap and change life forever.

Metatron's Cube

Metatron's Cube

A beautiful Ascension tool gifted to us by Archangel Metatron, the Guardian Angel of Mother Earth's acceleration into quantum consciousness. Metatron's Cube activates the Quantum Vortex, unwinding time compression, removing dense energetic veils and improving your energy frequencies. Each one is encoded with a Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba), Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron. Working with this important sacred geometric symbol activates your Merkaba, igniting an abundant energy field. I have the Merkaba tattooed on my wrist, stimulating the masculine and feminine triangles within it, for ultimate healing, health and wellbeing. I have a previous blog that goes into more detail about the light-body-spirit energies that sit around your auric field.

Fibonacci Spiral

Fibonacci Spiral

The Fibonacci Spiral, the Golden Ratio, amplifies your spiritual growth, as you learn that your actions cause reactions, for you and those whom you interact with. It is often found in nature, such as within pineapples, tree branches, the family tree of honeybees, and the flowering of artichokes. It aids with bringing your life into a new level of equilibrium, as you investigate where you disconnected from your true source of yourself. It has been used throughout history in renowned music compositions, works of art, and building structures. It can assist you with the expansion, evolution, and cosmic connection, to yourself and the oneness of being. It helps you integrate all that you have learnt and healed, as you welcome the upgrading of your DNA and accept the increased flow of divine light into your physical form.

The adventure begins when you use the advanced sacred geometry for ascension quantum consciousness whilst meditating, applying self-reiki, or any time of day when you want to open the doorways to your manifesting journeys. To access dimensional portals to work with the the master architects of creation. You can also write down your desires and inscribe the symbols over your words. This can then be placed in your sacred place, on your altar, where you have your portal of energies to the other realms, or anywhere that is special to you.

Emma Hands Quote

Is anyone else noticing that when you dip your consciousness, perhaps become 'stressed' or 'worried' about something in the 3D Realm that you are then able to 'flip a switch' and return to living in bliss? This period in the history of Mother Earth is the awakening and embodiment of your Quantum consciousness, it is all about returning your actions and thoughts back to the here and now, in happiness. You are consciously creating every moment by your choices, so you need to create a new energetic momentum. Consciously deciding to be a new version of you by changing your habits, doing things that make you feel uncomfortable/challenged. Simply by exposing yourself to different stuff, taking yourself out of your comfort zone, out of the momentum of boredom will aid your energy frequency. We are in a period of alchemical transformation, to upgrade your world, alter your world to live the version of you that you have always wanted to be and become at one with the universal energies daily. We are here to live in heaven on earth. Vibing high daily means the universe matches your vibration and you attract high frequency people, places and situations. Our creativity levels are rising, we are transforming ourselves and the world as a whole, the love energies are very strong. We are all creative geniuses, let's maximise our potential as we all evolve together. One key guidance tool is to believe you are where you want to be, who you want to be and having all you desire now - rather than 'I will be'. By not projecting it into the future things will speed up for you, manifestation is energy materialising. Working with the energies with and around you welcomes magic into your world. Message if you would like to book my assistance, just know YOU can do it all yourself, you are your own healer.



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