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Book Review: Dodging Energy Vampires by Dr. Christiane Northrup MD.

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

The one book for all empaths to start 2020 so we are protected from the energy vampires of this world. It is a must read and I highly recommend it! We all encounter energy vampires, of different extremes, and the more tools we have to protect ourselves, and recognise their manipulation, allows us to be free of their games, lies and energy draining habits.

This wonderful book contains tips, technics and practices to thrive, outside of the behaviour of a vampire. As empaths, we want to see everyone with love and light and help to fix them. Unfortunately, some are beyond help, refuse to heal and only want to try and attack the most compassionate people. It is our time to stand strong in our truth and remove them from our lives.

People, and society as a whole, can sometimes enable their behaviour, not wanting to recognise the issues they create. Many believe their lies, over and above the beautiful empathic soul. Our desire to fix people is huge but we must put ourselves, our needs and our amazingness first. Avoiding them is best but if you are unable to do so, then protecting yourself and having minimal contact is a very good idea.

One important chapter (No.5) covers ways of recognising a vampire. Their common characteristics (although they are all unique in their behaviour)

  • All use manipulation to get their needs meet

  • They are often charismatic, good looking, outgoing and have hypnotic eyes that draw you in

  • They surround themselves with people who hang on their every word (we have key examples in political roles throughout the world)

  • Some hold high roles within governments & companies

  • A few have a disregard for right or wrong

  • They have high self-esteem

  • Frequent pathological liars who manipulate the truth

  • Refuse to take responsibility for their behaviour - always another's fault

  • Predators who prey on empaths

  • Can be fun, entertaining and charming

  • Dramatic, lay on guilt trips & shame

  • Can be aggressive

  • If they are ill, they fight getting well, loving the attention and constant sympathy

  • Hyper sexual & seductive

  • Toss people aside when they are no longer are of use to them

  • A need to always win

  • Create lies that portray them in the best light

  • Blame you for their fatigue, problems, mood, aggression etc

These are some of the many traits of energy vampires, basically, they are dramatic, flirtatious and manipulative liars. Some have narcissistic traits and others are, as Christiane says, full blown psychopaths. Energy Vampires can affect our mood, wellbeing and self-confidence, do not let them! Move away from their drama, protect and cleanse your aura constantly and stand in your truth. They will continue to lie, create stories and blame you for their behaviour but know you are wonderful and they have no space in your world. It is extremely rare for them to change, it may happen when they are threatened with the ending of a relationship, status, money and so on, but it is unusual.

As spiritual beings, our go-to action is sending bubbles of love to the one with the narcissistic behaviour, but we must first release any anger they have made us feel. This is important, so you are not holding onto the aggression, which we know can manifest as dis-ease. It is best if you can completely remove them from your life but this is not always possible. If it is a family member or someone you are unable to sever full ties with, then it is about managing your time with them, in environments and situations that you can dramatically reduce their ability to drain your energy and when you can restore your balance and ground yourself fully afterwards. My previous blog Protection from Psychic Vampires will definitely help to cleanse and clear you.

Dodging Energy Vampires is, as the first page says, an empath's guide to evading relationships that drain you and restoring your health and power, buy it today!

Dr Christiane refers to many more resources within the book that may help your specific circumstances in more detail and these are listed at the back of the book. The paperback has an Index too, which is super useful, and will allow you to go back to certain areas easily. I highly recommend reading / listening to and acting on all Dr. Christiane talks about, for your health, wellbeing and mental stability.



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