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Book Review: Light Warrior by Kyle Gray

I am re-sharing this blog, as one of the biggest questions I receive is "How do I protect my energies when around others" and Kyle's book explains it beautifully! Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise your energy field before going out or when encountering multiple difficult situations / negative energies from others. It takes minutes and can have a profound effect on your health and wellbeing. Each time we interact with others there is an exchange of energy, this is why regular Reiki is key, to clear all that has been experienced daily.

There is so much to say about this wonderful book that I decided to select one of my most favourite (there are many!!) passages & encourage you to go and purchase it today!  See Kyle's website

I have typed it up exactly as Kyle has written it to not dilute any of the content. I cannot recommend highly enough adding this book to you collection a.s.a.p. It is an excellent aid for everyone, whatever stage you are at on your spiritual path, we all need greater tools to protect our energies & guidance on how to shine the brightest we possibly can as we fulfil our true life's purpose!!

Taken from Chapter 5 The Armour of Light:

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise

A three-step protection process that actually works. It will create an armour of light around you. I based this process on the daily skincare routine. You know the one – the cleanser gets rid of all the muck & grime, the toner firms up the skin and the moisturiser locks in all the goodness. You can do exactly the same with your energy.


First you need to cleanse your energy of any leftover vibes that aren’t serving you – anything that’s hooked on or attached to you from a challenging conversation, place or person. There are a couple of ways of doing it:

  • You can imagine sacred fire energy coming from the Mother Earth and burning away any unwanted energy that is attached to you. As it touches the fear-based energy, it transforms it from fear to love.

  • You can ask Archangel Michael and/or the angels to cut the cords of energy that are holding you back or are attached to your energy field by saying a prayer:

Thank you, Archangel Michael and angels, the cutting the cords that bind me to people, places, energy, situations and other stuff I no longer need. It feels so good to know you are here. I am safe and free!

(Kyle has a whole chapter on Archangel Michael in his book Angel Prayers, another of his I highly recommend too, along with Wings of Forgiveness.)


Toning is all about firming up the goodness that is already there. When it comes to toning your energy, it’s about focusing on an aspect of your present positivity, or harnessing a blessing, or choosing to remember your current state of goodness. This ignites the warrior energy within

Claim your wholeness by declaring that you are completely in control of your body because it’s the vehicle of your soul. You can say this in your own words, but make sure you are speaking in the present tense and really putting your foot down. Let the universe and your guides bear witness to the incredible inner strength that you were born with.

My favourite declaration is powerful, simple and effective:

I am the keeper of my mind and body.

Wherever love is present, fear is a stranger.

Love is here!

When I say. ‘Love is here,’ I tap my heart three times so I can feel a physical response to what I really know deep within me.


When you are moisturising your energy, you are essentially putting on a coating that you know is going to lock in the goodness. This is the step that everyone knows from the books and healing modality trainings, but it won’t be as effective unless the previous steps have been taken. There are a few ways to do it:

  • You can declare that there is an armour of the holiest light surrounding your whole body and being, extending 10-20 feet (3 – 6 metres) in each direction.

  • Imagine a cloak of light in the colour of your choice swirling all over your body or imagine yourself in a suit of shining armour from head to toe. Again, make sure that the protective light you create radiates out about 10-20 feet beyond your body in every direction. Really bring that into your vision and intention.

  • Call on your guides and thank them for protecting you and the energy that surrounds you.

And that’s the best way to keep your energy strong and clear! (End of this passage from the book)

Kyle also talks about when you forget to do it & ‘excusing’ yourself from a situation to perform the 3 steps in the bathroom or any suitable place you can find. The book is a great source of knowledge to allow us to protect ourselves from the energy of others and to live our true purpose with confidence. As massively sensitive empaths we take on negativity and the concern of others because we are more susceptible to their issues. I constantly look to learn new ways to protect my energies and I do not think I will stop learning!! 

Have an amazing weekend.




"Within the light no shadow can exist" Kyle Gray 

**Updated November 2018   

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