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Pisces Full Moon September 2022

September's Pisces Full Moon is next Saturday 10th at 10:59am London, UK, 02:59 Los Angeles, 05:59 in New York and at 19:59 in Sydney, Australia. Wow, only four more Full Moons left in 2022, amazing how time passes, it would be a good idea to be aware of the final releasing opportunities by recording the remaining dates from here: Moon Calendar. The moon will appear at its fullest the day before but the peak of the energy shifts will be on Saturday. A ritual example is here: Moon Ritual, as always follow your intuition - writing down all that you want to release (let the ash go away from the home), cleansing your crystals, and beginning to set your sacred space for the impending seasonal changes towards the end of the month, with the Autumn (Northern Hemisphere) and Spring (Southern Hemisphere) Equinox's is advised.

Our deepest desires are coming into fruition and our healing is on fire as we experience the most potent energy upgrades and downloads to our mental, emotional and physical form. It is challenging, exhilarating yet exhausting, all at once, September is a month to stand in your power and believe in YOU and all you are here to achieve, provide and experience. Activate your merkaba, protect your energy field + your mental happiness and know your worth, so that others cannot abuse your kindness, love and guidance. Regardless of what shows up, joy and laughter are the focus, we must up our self-care practices, ground ourselves constantly and be our powerful selves with a resilience and strength of mastery, above what we have ever display before. The negativity has no place in our world so let's move it out of the way, quite literally!

The pre-Full Moon energies can be heavy for some of us, testing our ability to balance our emotions (the week before &/or afterwards), and exacerbating feelings of depression, anxiety and uneasiness. I find that if I allow what isn’t going the way I want to overwhelm my mood/feelings then it is like a tidal wave of sad emotions, until I can pull myself back into gratitude, for all that is amazing and going well. The incoming seasonal changes get added into the mix too, I love light + summer + long days, which is altering rapidly every day here in the Northern Hemisphere. A vacation to hotter, lighter climates is definitely on the cards over the next few months to alleviate this.

The Retrograde Party Season is well and truly upon us in September too, with 7 Planets joining in! Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron + Mercury Retrograde (MR). MR is one of the most powerful and disruptive and more details can be found here: Ways to Dazzle this Mercury Retrograde. I repeat: Standing in our power, tuning in and vibing high every single day is highly recommended. YOU are here to win, you were born to shine your light.

Pisces traits to embody this moon cycle are their emotional awareness (wake up and trust in all you see, sense and feel); strong intuitive abilities; compassion and artistic flair. A sign that can be overly trusting, something to watch out for, trust your gut instincts, above all else and remove any 'victim mode' from your thoughts, actions and ambitions. Nothing is stopping you but yourself, criticism that is directed towards you can be the result of another's insecurities - don't take the bait, move them out of your path and allow the past to 'fall away'. Sensitivity is another big characteristic of Pisces, can we possible be more sensitive? Yes, for those of us who are super sensitive, our levels are being heightened daily with the upgrades to our physical, emotional and mental form. Hence why grounding, protection and vibing high daily is so very important. Living in the here and now is our dharma, let's have some fun.

Message me to book, in-person or via Zoom, coaching, treatments (to anywhere in the world), house cleansing, soul retrievals, past life regressions, intuitive readings, to purchase crystals or learn via any of my courses. I am eager to help more of you live your truth, protect your energies and live in greater joy and harmony daily. The point of working with the moon cycles is to work on healing your past (from this & past lifetimes), to be clear on your goals, and to allow the universe (the energies) to work with you in a greater way, when you are living in your truth.

Have a magical week, ground yourself lots, protect your auric field constantly and be open to the improvements to your physical, emotional and mental form. Exciting times ahead when, we rise above the shite and permit ourselves to flourish, please know how magical you are.



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