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The Spiritual Meaning of Colours

I am fascinated by the powerful symbolism and psychology of colour, every tone has multiple explanations, and feelings associated to it, all unique to each of us. A recent reminder of their power to transform our day encouraged the updating and re-sharing of this blog. The meaning can be affected by our frame of mind at the time, and all that is occurring in our world. How we resonate with a colour can be affected by so many things, especially something from your past, both positive and negative, as always follow your heart and your own intuitive guidance when selecting your colours. If you become triggered in a negative way by a colour, it is worth considering why, and to investigate healing that area of your past, everything is a lesson.

We create impressions with the clothes we choose, the design of our surroundings and even the colour of the car we drive. It is super important that you do 'you' and are not influenced by outside opinions, which can be hard, but the more you stand in your own skin, the easier it is for you to be yourself and bring the colours you love into your day. Society has created stigmas around some colours but don't let this put you off. This is very true in the corporate work culture, causing some people to dress how they feel they should, rather than how they want to, which can diminish their energies, mood and ability to flourish. I want to explore some of the main colours today and their interpretation in the world of spirituality.

White is a lovely calm, spiritual, angelic colour that encourages peaceful energies of wholeness, purity and openness. It raises our vibration and this is especially relevant with white crystals. They aid you in connecting to your higher self, to fully embody your divinity, and psychic insights, and in opening up to your true self. I have always had white bedding for its serenity, cleanliness and soothing aura, and my wardrobe is filling up with tranquil shades to enhance my journey. White butterflies signify that my grandparents are around me, it is the colour of angels after all!

Yellow, the colour associated with the solar plexus chakra, encourages you to be comfortable in your own skin, allowing you to build confidence and find a new level of balance in life. I find it is one of the most blocked chakras when treating people, as it is where we hold onto a lot of emotions, hence why it is vital to clear our energy fields regularly, so that we can feel more in control of our life. This colour aids the stimulation of our brain, glands and nerves, allowing us to feel more alive, enlightened and optimistic.

Orange is the colour of wellness, enthusiasm, creativity, intuition, happiness and emotional balance. It represents the Sacral Chakra, which governs our emotions, sensitivity and sexuality, it is the element of water. I am super grateful that I get to help so many of you heal daily, with every treatment I get healing too, which aids my journey. Orange, especially in crystal form, increases personal power, self-esteem and confidence, encouraging self-expression and self-gratification, whilst bringing harmony and love into one's life. No wonder it is the colour of autumn, fire (warmth) and rich sunlight, all transform our mood.

Red is an intense, yet vibrant colour that promotes action, abundance, courage and feelings of passion but on the other side of the spectrum is associated with anger. Remember if you become angry then the other person steals your energy, enough motivation to not get angry at any time, for sure! Like gold, it is often associated with opulence, leadership and love, be conscious when you are drawn to it and it can help you to understand your wants and desires, at the time. It is the colour of the Root Chakra, our foundation and grounding centre and when this is off balance it can affect our determination, fearlessness and cause overthinking.

Pink is the colour of innocence, laughter, gentleness, things of the heart, femininity and the play of little girls. Seeing it references that you need to get more in touch with your inner child. It is a great symbol of possibility and the wonderful growth of new and blossoming relationships.

Purple is the strongest, most powerful, spiritual colour that embodies wisdom, compassion and inspiration and is associated with the Crown Chakra, your spiritual epicentre. When it shows up for you or you feel a pull towards it, it increases your spiritual connection, your ability to receive messages from your guides and to open more fully to the energies that surround you. A wonderful colour for those on the ascension train, as we evolve and welcome the downloads of energy into our physical form, renewing our DNA and ageing process. Magenta represents universal love at its highest level and influences our whole personal and spiritual development. Attaining self-knowledge and spiritual awareness and promotes compassion, self-respect and an amazing level of contentment.

Blue nurtures feelings of serenity, peace, protection and healing and on the flip side can appear cold and uninviting to some. The sea is one of my most favourite things, which to me, provides all the above and more! The many hues of this colour can lower the heart rate and blood pressure, sooth our mood and heighten psychic energy, truth and stability. The Throat Chakra is blue, our communication centre, and when out of alignment it can cause our ability to converse with others to be misunderstood and stop us facing that which we need to say to ourselves and others for healing. A colour of many positives and negatives but one that brings freedom, openness and tranquility to our day.

Green is a wonderful colour of new beginnings, growth and renewal, the shade of nature, money and inspires us to expand, thrive and relax, invigorating our soul. A stress relieving colour for many, that represents the heart chakra, your intuition, love and belief in your ability to manifest greatness. Spending time in nature is highly recommended, as often as you can, to work with the magic of this colour.

As always, follow your heart and make your own judgements when selecting colours to wear and have around you. Every occasion, experience, day of the week, everything is affected by colour, as you are! How we feel, and react, about a colour is affected by so many factors that it makes each one unique to you. I always wore black, an imprinted societal pressure, yet it is such a dark, depressing colour. I avoid it now, which helps me to raise my mood, vibration and ability to help others evolve.

It is going to be an epic week of energy transformations with the New Moon on Saturday, setting new intentions and feeling everything in-situ already works wonders. Do get in touch if you want help rebalancing, reactivating and aligning your physical, mental and emotional self. I am now open Bank Holiday Weekend as I have been off for a few days. I do love how my work/life balance has improved in 2022, and enabling to help more of you.



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