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November's Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Friday is going to be a day of unprecedented change in the world, the energies are beautifully insane and enlightening. It is very much a time to face up to and deal with everything and everyone that triggers you. A trigger is a sign of something you need to address and heal from your past in this life-time and from past lives. We are here to ensure the amazing growth and change of human consciousness. Let's enjoy the ride and fully embrace the changes being offered to us. Healing from our ancestral past is our dharma too, nothing has to remain because it was endured previously by other family members. We really do have the power to alter the course of history now.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is on Friday 19th November 2021 is at 8:58am UK, 00:58 (LA, USA), 3:58 (New York, USA) and 19:58 (Sydney, Australia). A Taurus Full Moon, one I resonate with and it is escalating my awakening and spiritual growth to a whole new level. It is the first Taurus Eclipse that we have seen since 2014, which was another massive year of spiritual awakenings for many (myself included!). The combination with a Lunar Eclipse is often referred to as Full Moons on steroids, very apt! It will be emotional, turbulent but triumphant, provided you put in the work. If you want an Intuitive Reading, some Reiki or some Coaching then do get in touch, I have a couple of slots left this week.

For those that want to experience and seize the opportunities available, please be sure to open your heart and allow yourself to absorb the energy frequencies as they appear. There are amazing portals of energy opening up for us to download. Downloads are instantaneous streams of information from the universal life force energies, your guides and angels. Definitive synchronicities show up; your intuition has continual 'aha' moments, as to where your next move should be in a clear and concise manner, and thinking, feeling and saying stuff just as you or another needs to hear the words.

The cosmic energies of Taurus offer us ways to increase our wealth as we let go of old attachments, ways of thinking and behaving. Taking responsibility for your responses and actions towards others is very important. Stop blaming others for your problems, for your failures, your perception can truly distort another's actions, so doubly watch your thoughts this week. You have got this but it takes effort, time and processing to heal from all that has wounded and damaged you from the past. Prepare for the ritual of Friday (or within 24 hours either side of it) so that you can remove the obstacles blocking your ultimate success. Patience, courage and laughter are key as the Full Moon Transmission unfolds. Embody self-love and love for others (even past enemies), do not let the ego dampen your success or your spirit.

Crystals to aid your ascension and healing journey include: Carnelian (motivation), Super Seven (expanding your consciousness), Black Tourmaline (removal of negativity & your energetic bodyguard), Obsidian (protective talisman), Larvikite (higher self-insight), Rose Quartz (increase self-love & unconditional love for others), Clear Quartz (the Master healer), Labradorite (banish insecurities) and all the Jaspers, as they are extremely nurturing and help you to build courage and perseverance. Cleanse, Charge and re-Program all your crystals this week, ready for the energetic transformations ahead.

A suggested ritual can be found here and remember that the effects of such a big change can be felt for up to a week afterwards. A period of new relationships, partnerships, communities being formed and greater outward love being displayed. Doing some shadow work, to heal your inner child, will greatly help your journey. Have a stunning week.



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