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Passionate New Moon Eclipse in Aries In-Coming + Ascension Tips

We have the next window of powerful energy shifts approaching on 20th April 2023 with the New Moon Eclipse in Aries at 05:12 London, UK; 00:12 New York;14:12 Sydney & on 19th Apr at 21:12 Los Angeles. The first eclipse of the astrological new year, a rare hybrid eclipse, with monumental shifts, intense energies turning our lives upside down so that we release, purge and evolve. One focus is to take inspired action towards your truest desires, even once a day, so we are not 'putting off' having lots fun, but without trying to 'force' it to manifest during the eclipse. Heaven on earth is here, when we chose it to be so, let what is not meant for you fall away. The energies have been difficult this past week, stirring up frustration, upset and confusion for many, as we welcome the advancement of our physical form. Do let me know if you want to book a distance quantum healing transmission (or in-person) to help with the alignment and rebalancing of your soul's vessel, we are certainly being challenged to stand in our power, be patient and remain extra positive.

Aries traits, this moon cycle, that can assist the embracing of the energies are: their ambition, lack of fear, creativity, honesty and optimism, all so perfect and much needed! Their aggression is accelerating the revision of your perception, attitude and beliefs, time to reset ourselves. One thing I have learnt recently, is to discover each month when the moon is in your star sign, so that you can be especially aware of upping your healthy eating and love for yourself, to be able to vibe higher more easily. Like an upgrading of your system, that remains with you ongoing, to widen your sense of grounding, calmness and motivation. Ritual suggestion, HERE, but follow your heart, just be sure to connect into the energies on 20th, a magical day.

The very next day we go into Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, from 21st April - May 14th 2023, the 'official' start but to be honest I sense it began on 6th/7th heehee, as internets have gone down, communication has 'fallen over' - especially with ourselves, for many. At least we will be ready for it! Be mindful of self-care practices, so it does not unsettle you, as always, it is all a choice. Breathe deeply when mishaps occur and go have some fun, instead of focusing on the 'issues' that may arise.

Ascension news:

144,000 is talked about a lot, some say the number of Lightworkers + Starseeds + those healing their past and breaking down the ego, but it actually refers to our individual vibrational frequency. Raising your frequency to produce this field, happens as you raise your vibration, allowing you to pass through veils/dimensions easily when you increase love, applying clean eating, and enjoying everything (even the mundane). Your frequency is your moral compass and keeping it raised transforms your inner energy to an angelic frequency.

Spiritual warfare/dissonance is more prominent now unfortunately, as the dark ones are aware they are losing power and continue try to reach the awakened, strong, evolved souls by pretending to be your next 'guru', 'mentor' or 'guide'. Please trust your gut instinct, ask those you respect for recommendations, and react to any red flags that you sense, when watching, listening to or engaging with spiritual 'leaders'. There is so much beautiful advice, guidance, and healing modality practitioners of all ages and experience, that we need to sift out the bad, dark ones together.

The best course of action is to trust yourself, do what enlivens your soul, calms you, and aids your ascension journey, as we download powerful light codes daily, upgrading our DNA and increasing all we see, sense and feel within and outside of Mother Earth. How life on earth functions is rapidly changing, for those allowing it, and will impact many more this year, especially as we head to October (14th Annular Solar Eclipse). Absolutely nothing to 'worry' about or 'fear', positive, enlightening changes are unfolding, to increase the Love, Joy and Happiness in the world. Calibrate your energy, meditate, self-reiki (get in touch if you want to learn how), and continue to work with your inner child, to work on you, to welcome the freedom and childlike energies back to the forfront and then others will join us to.

Let go of the density so you can fly higher, physically, emotionally and energetically. Trust that everything is going to work out, remove any thoughts of lack, and enjoy the ride. The light of higher consciousness is gently changing the world. We are all magical beings elevating our souls journey to a whole new level, we are one, energy is everything, and as much as you can understand the power of your own energy field, you can co-create magic. Super important we keep ourselves aligned, balanced, uplifted and protected.



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