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Energy Is Everything

There has never been a better time to investigate, experience, and even learn, the art of energy healing. Energy is in everything, within you, surrounding you, and amongst your belongings, so frequently clearing it, balancing your body, and decluttering your space is super important for your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. It is a vital 'tool' to add to your life, as human consciousness upgrades and we begin to live without the stress, fear and worry that has previously been taught so that ww can be fully happy.

We learn conditioning within the womb, meaning that if the external world is damaging and our mothers experience extreme stress during pregnancy then we pick up on this. A good example is during war, the restrictions on life, on food shortages, the constant fear and destruction, lead to the unborn child learning negative thoughts, feelings and habits, that can take a lifetime to unlearn. This is why the high vibrational souls are working very hard to create a world full of love, happiness and wonder, instead of fear.

Everything that is around and within us is made up of energy, and as energetic vibrational beings what we emit we attract back. Life experiences distort our perception and thinking so it is therefore vital to regularly clear the emotional energy blockages that have built up within the body from destructive events, so that we are not living in a state of fear, negativity or dread. Learning how to clear emotional stress patterns is life altering and improves your life.

Right now, the degrees of stress in society are at the highest ever (if you listen to and embody the shite) and this causes the nervous system to fire ridiculous amounts of times a day. Stress is a skill we need when in certain situations, such as out in the wild and come face-to-face with a black bear so that we go into ‘fight or flight’ mode and get out of there safely. It is not something we have to accept as a daily habit and it is highly advisable to find tools that radically reduce your levels NOW, before it causes massive issues to your health. A very high percentage of disease and illness is emotionally based.

Energy is shared with each interaction:

- If both parties are happy with the encounter, then there is a neutral exchange of energy

- If you become angry, then the other person steals your energy

- If the other person gets angry at you, then you are stealing their energy. This means that you can take on the negativity and broken parts of another soul, often unwittingly.

If you find yourself drain by a communication with another, it is extremely important to visualise 'throwing away' anything you may have picked up and learning greater ways to remove it. Quantum Reiki Treatments cleanse your physical form, the Coaching allows the habitual negative thinking to depart, and when coupled with Crystal + Sound Healing the results are magnified.

Crystals are natures medicine and have been used for centuries to heal the mind, body and soul. Sound Healing works to repair your DNA too, on an escalated level, and combining it with Energy Healing + Crystals it leads to longterm results. Psychoacoustics is the branch of psychophysics that looks at sound perception and audiology, how humans perceive sound and the psychological responses it creates. We all know listening to our favourite music brings about feelings of happiness, calmness and pure joy. Everyone has varying music tastes, based on how they feel, perceive the world and where they are on their life path. Specific frequencies alter our brain chemistry, life balance and ability to heal ourselves. Singing, for example, releases endorphins, the 'feel good' chemicals, increasing oxytocin, as we move our attention from external to internal thought, allowing the brain to recalibrate and increase euphoria.

Quantum Reiki Energy Healing is an emotional drainage system for the blockages that occur as a result of past traumas, challenges and learned behaviour's. It is a natural method of self-improvement and healing that reduces stress, anxiety and depression; helps to build self-confidence; improves mental clarity; alleviates sleep issues; removes pain; aids with learning difficulties, such as ADHD and autism; aids fertility, pre and post birth; promotes relaxation and assists the body in healing from copious physical ailments. It is excellent when looking to restart as you begin your personal growth journey, increasing your awareness, and spiritual awakening. The process of transformation is further aided by the additional time and effort you are able to apply in-between sessions, to retrain your thought processes that have been blocking your growth.

Rising above the societal habits and discovering new ways to heal is vital now. The medical and pharmaceutical industries are just that ‘industries’ with shareholders that want to maximum profit from societies ill health. We require the medical industry for physical ailments, like accidents, to repair the outer body, but pumping people with drugs unnecessarily must stop. Prescribed drugs, like antibiotics, destroy the gut and kill far more bacteria than is necessary to heal from the sickness they were prescribed for. The emotional root cause needs to be investigated, the stress, trauma, and damaging life experiences, that have lead to your immune system being compromised need to be worked on. By clearing and balancing the body, and brain retraining to remove old ways of thinking, then natural healing occurs. Changing your thoughts and removing negative blockages, that have manifested over time, change the chemistry of your body. YOU can heal yourself, please believe that!

Some illness happens as a ‘wake-up call’ to cause you to slow down and re-evaluate what you are doing and ask yourself questions such as ‘Am I truly happy?’ ‘Is it enough to keep putting off resolving that problem / changing that job / relationship’ and so forth. We all need rest and repair time, mentally as well as physically, and we must plan regular energy healing for ultimate success. Do not wait until you are ‘burnt out’ or receive a horrid diagnosis.

The energy within and around you is here to support you and help you to thrive and the greater understanding you have of it means life becomes easy (just as it should be). If you would like my help then please do get in touch and we can get you booked in. You are here to live a life filled with laughter and love, and for it to be an ease ride. When you choose a healing path, you welcome more miracles into your world and life alters in magical ways.

Sending you healing vibes and love for your healing journey, remember healing hurts but the results are exceptional. 2023 is such a spiritually potent year of change, rebirth and healing.



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