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Managing Your Perception & Protection This Festive Season

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Discovering new ways to view the world and to protect our energies is a constant learning curve that can hugely reduce our stress levels and daily enjoyment of all that we do. Each festive season causes additional emotional, physical and mental pressure, with the manic shopping trips, social events and spending greater amounts of time then usual with friends and family. It is paramount to find time for extra self-care and analysis of your thought processes. When we stop worrying about how others view us and what they think, and instead concentrate on our own perception, huge leaps can be made in personal growth.

We all pick up the energies of others, of situations and events that occur throughout the world, so let's see what we can do to ensure we end 2019 thriving. It is a case of working to balance your auric field to create greater harmony, health and happiness. One sign that another is an energy vampire is when you feel physical symptoms when around them and so extra protection and balance is needed. Many of the healing modalities help this calming adventure, such as Reiki, Crystal & Sound Healing, Meditation & Spiritual Coaching. It is also important to consume good nutrition that further aids your immune system health (in between the party food & busy days!). I re-published a blog from last year that can help ward off cold and flu (provided you work on releasing the worry and stressful thoughts!) Natural Antibiotics.

One vital thing to do before leaving the house is to get very grounded and stabilised within yourself and release any troubled / fear based / worrying thoughts. One way is by imagining

negativity washing away with each drop when taking your daily shower, allowing you to cleanse your energy field as you begin the day. Another is finding a positive mantra, to repeat at least 3 times to boost your mood. Choose anything that lifts you up. It can be as simple as 'I am amazing, can achieve anything, and am healthy, whole and complete.' Then visualise roots travelling down from the base of your feet into the earth (no matter what floor you live on), so you are 'rooted', as a tree is, to the ground and energy of mother earth. The ultimate goal is to not allow others to suck away your auric field.

For protection, a simple way is to set an intention that you are protected, in all situations, and stop being concerned what others are doing, thinking or saying, it is their journey. Often they have their own issues that they are dealing with (or not yet dealing with them!), and how they behave has nothing to do with you, hence why we must not take their actions personally. More in depth protection rituals can be performed too, such as Kyle Gray's Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise from his Light Warrior book. This can be done in a quiet space (even a toilet), if you forget to do it before going out or want additional grounding.

On a personal level, I have to protect myself, clear and set intentions of protection when working on my market stall, so as to not give away any of my strength when selling the crystals or interacting with clients. Crystals are excellent to carry with you, place under your pillow, in your bag or on your work area. Visit the Handserenity online Shop, come to one of my stalls (3 more before the year comes to an end) or book a personal shopping trip.

An extra 'tool' for when you feel challenged by another is to send them big bubbles of love and physically 'throw away' their aggression / anger / negativity. Do this by putting your arms out in front of you (like you are about to start breast stroke in the swimming pool!) and sweep the energy away behind you and move forwards.

We have a compelling New Moon coming up on 12th December (interesting that is the day of the election in the UK too), big changes and a final chance to release negative thought patterns and de-clutter the space around us. Be sure to cleanse you and your surroundings too (more info: What is House Cleansing?).

Do share any comments you have from lessons you have learned or experiences you have grown from. Have an amazing week.



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