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July's Enigmatic New Moon in Leo

The impending enigmatic New Moon in Leo is a pivotal point in the metamorphosis of planet earth and human consciousness. Some say that to live unconsciously is a crime and form of self-abuse that blocks thriving capabilities and the potential to enjoy life on a magnificent level. I would tend to agree, learning to live with the energies that surround us, breaking the old generational cycles of thoughts, habits and actions that were detrimental to our happiness, and opening up to our natural psychic potential is an empowering, freeing, enigmatic way to exist.

The Leo New Moon is on 28.07.2022 is at 18:54 (London, UK); 10:54 (LA, U.S.A.) & 13:54 (NY, U.S.A) and on 29.07.2022 at 03:54am in Sydney, Australia. Leo is ruled by the sun and has the spirit animal of the Lion, it is certainly time for the spiritual, positive souls to roar and refuse to be downtrodden by the fear mongering media, governments, dangerous elite ones and all the knowledge that has been hidden from us, to keep us 'small'. The negative side of the Lion is the ego, pride and jealousy - all 3D characteristics that many of us are working to remove from our lives and I highly recommend doing so to aid the altering of mass human consciousness.

The Leo personality traits of confidence, loyalty, bravery and their ability to bounce back in a super positive way when challenged, are all going to help us with the next few weeks. It is a time of recalibration once more, where we are being called to work on ourselves, big time!

Especially, clutter clearing (external + internal), recognising and working through triggers and feeling through any grief and unexplained aggression that is surfacing. All part of the process as we leave the 'old' us behind, the past is the past, we are transforming in a magical way. The energies are super strong and the light codes open to us for downloading to improve our DNA are mind-blowing so we can reverse age, heal our mind, body and souls and reset life.

When you do the work on yourself, vibe high daily then this 'rubs off' on those around you and helps those stuck to evolve, and join the journey of ascension. Ascension is the migration to oneness, a growth adventure where together we can transform the way we live forever. We are here to live with ease, with oodles of joy and laugh so much our bodies and jaws ache.

I don't want to sound like a stuck record (it feels a bit like that with the moon updates sometimes heehee) but it is so important that we protect our energies/our auric fields every single frigging day, sometimes multiple times. The dark forces are being over turned/moved out of the way as the lies, deception, greed, corruption and self-serving souls are no longer going to have control over humanity. We are sovereign beings here to live freely, without stress, fear and the disease industry, and lining the pockets of the corrupt ones.

The other point I sense I repeat often is releasing the victim mindset from your thought patterns. It happens to us all at some point, it is just imperative we recognise the self-destructive thoughts when they creep in and act to remove them. When we go into 'why me'/'woe me' mode then we attract bad luck, darkness and negative events, people and actions into our life. Let's stop this habit, it will ensure we teach others a new way to be...we are here to alter the trajectory of life, hence why our souls agreed to be incarnated for 2022 and the ascension journey.

Next Thursday (+ 72 hours either side) I advocate completing your own New Moon Ritual, setting intentions, cleansing yourself and your home and, if you are called to, burn any writing that you wish to release. The energies are so powerful, we do not need to wait for the next full moon but get on with our healing a.s.a.p.

To help you with your intention setting:

Our manifesting abilities are heightened beyond anything we could imagine so if you had everything you desire what would that feel like? What would you do with each day? Where would you generate income from? Who would you spend time with? What would you study? Take a moment and see all you dream of as in place and this will allow you to think outside the box and ensure your intentions are direct, clear and aiming very high!

As always, do get in touch if you want to book spiritual coaching, quantum reiki energy healing, courses or any of my services. I am here to help you so if the shite has caused financial hardships too, then let me know. Do not let it be another excuse to put off your healing, the time is now.

Have a stunning weekend whatever you get up to and enjoy the spectacular energy shifts we are experiencing daily. The next big changes are 26th July to 8th August 2022, the Lionsgate Portal opening. I am doing a FREE Energy Healing Ascension Webinar on 26th July 18:00 BST and 14 days of Ascension Acceleration videos on YouTube to help us (you teach that which you most need to learn) through this wonderful tidal wave of transformation. Subscribe to Handserenity YouTube to get the daily upload notifications.

Life is transforming at a beautiful speed as we enter the second half of the momentous year that is 2022. Drop me an email for the full Zoom link, for those overseas, and to sign up to receive the video links - even if you are already on the list as I won't send it to the full database, as not everyone is active in this process: email with the subject: Energy Healing Ascension FREE Webinar.



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