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The Power of Energy Healing for Eradicating Anxiety.

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Anxiety is a life debilitating emotional response to all we see, sense and feel, and have experienced in this and past life times, and healing from it, in a natural way, is truly possible with Energy Healing. The reason we ‘fall down’ or feel unable to cope occurs because of a plethora of past and current experiences that trigger a confusing, defeatist emotional response within. Healing from the inside out is much talked about now because it works! Learning how to manage the way you deal with energies and recognise the effect they have on you, your thoughts and your world, help to remove old patterns and conditioning. There are many medical explanations of anxiety that need breaking down. Believing in the medical world is at the detriment of many souls, disbelieving they can heal themselves, that a pill is need rather than an energy clear out and an assessment of the thought patterns leading to the self-inflicted fear. We can heal from any emotional response, illness, trauma, lack of self-worth, confidence, depression, absolutely anything when we believe it to be so and I would love to help more of you do just that.

For me, 99% of all illness has emotional roots that once faced, healed and released from our thought processes, can lead to permanent changes in health and wellbeing. Mix this with a compelling strategy of protection rituals, constantly cleansing any negative energy that accumulates within the body, and recognising how amazing you are, is magical.

Often anxious souls are massively empathetic beings who, unwittingly, take on the pessimistic, gloom-ridden emotions of those they encounter, interact with, or just pass by in the street. As super sensitive souls, we must learn new management technics to live a fuller, freer existence and protect ourselves from the energies of others every day. It is wonderful that so many of us are in touch with our emotions and with the effect energy has on our health, wellbeing and ability to thrive. Let’s get you cleansed, apply some coaching to aid the brain retraining, and remove the enervative energies and thoughts from your life. I can also teach you how to self-reiki daily, with Reiki Level I, so you can frequently release any blockages yourself at home. You also go through 21 days of personal healing with each Attunement, permitting you to see that which you most need to work on/heal NOW.

My goal is to teach a multitude of you in this year of massive growth and evolution on planet earth. Currently a minimum of one student a week shows up, which warms my heart. Life is advancing at a mega rate and we are being called to heal from within so that we can move forwards and be more open to the energy downloads available to us. The increase in light hitting planet earth is providing an expansion in the capabilities of our DNA and our capacity to communicate in a whole new way, as we expand the size of our pineal glands, and accept the natural super powers we all hold within. A vast amount of us are psychic, sensitive, empathic and awake, I would love to help your journey and reawaken any capabilities that have been squashed because of the societal 'norms' imposed on us. The ascension began in earnest in 2012, 2032 is the peak and we are precisely in the middle, 2022.

This is your time to stop putting off your healing, stop running from anything that has upset you, in this or previous life times, and allow yourself to live in joy, without the outdated stresses society has taken on and chosen to not let go off. We live in heaven on earth, I keep saying it in the hope more of you will take on this mantra. Energy is everywhere, please understand that it effects all aspects of your life, working with it, rather than against it, works wonders and can see you manifest amazing results.

Anxiety is all-consuming, terrifying at times, and prevents us living our best lives. Welcoming Reiki Energy Healing into your life, and for those you know suffering from anxious thoughts and actions, is cataclysmic. Big Pharma would rather you did not heal your emotions, that you remain addicted to the legal drugs they supply so freely, and remain complicit to the rubbish they put out. Life, love and laughter are a choice, we just need to first strengthen our resolve, our ability to evolve, and we can all live longer, happier lives. I cannot stress to you enough how important this is NOW. If you do not come and see me, then find an alternative practitioner or complete one of my certified online courses, in your own time at home. I can teach you via Zoom too, to anywhere in the world, with free distance attunements.

The stress that fuels anxiety can lead to feelings of unworthiness, confusion about our roll in life, and even physical symptoms, such as bloating within the body, as we hold on to the shite. Self-criticism can see us accept the most unimaginable situations as ok, even good, which is not ok. You deserve the best in life, to be surrounded by loving, like-minded souls who support and lift you up, never criticising you or themselves. The cells in the body hear all out thoughts, self-abuse is one of the biggest issues of society today. We can relearn how to view life, ourselves and our life path, to break the old habits, perceptions and labelling stigmatism. Our mental health is super important and needs extra attention to allow us all to be the best version of ourselves.

Do get in touch, when you are ready to learn the first steps of Reiki, to book a treatment, or any of my other services, to make your life easy, happy and harmonious. 2022 will go down in history, the changes are undeniable, and it is gorgeous so many of you are waking up to what is going on and the magnificent daily opportunities to rewrite how you live. Have a magical day, embrace your uniqueness, and know soul family is now coming together on a whole new level.



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