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Energy News - Gemini Full Moon + Solstice + 12.12 Portal

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

The month of December is providing many energetic catalysts of change as we come to the close of 2022. I highly recommend embodying the magnificence of the last Full Moon on 8th, the 12.12.2022 Portal opening, Winter Solstice on 21st and the New Moon on 23rd. Plus, Mercury Retrograde begins again on 29th, giving us a wonderful start to the New Year, planning, strategising and day dreaming, ready for implementation after 18.01.2023 (+ approximately 5 days of the shadow period).

Magic is definitely in the air; this year has seen a wonderful expansion in the number of souls awakening and the levels of personal healing has been greater than we have ever experienced. As more of us are raising our vibrations and constantly emitting stronger frequencies, we are creating a happier, easier world. The collective is understanding that we attract our experiences based on the energy we emit; that the love we need, and desire, is within us; and healing from within is super important to prevent/cure disease within the physical form.

The December Full Moon is in Gemini on 8.12.2022 at 04:08 London, UK + 15:08 Sydney and on 7.12.2022 at 20:08 in Los Angeles and 23.08 in New York. Let's encapsulate the playful, intellectually curious, and socially confident traits of Gemini with their adaptability so that we thrive during this busy season. Scorpio season brought up the emotions that we are now processing. Please know you are not alone, and should you find yourself still assuming the worst, catastrophising irrationally, then there is often trauma that remains and more healing/clearing is needed. This can also surface when we find ourselves constantly 'predicting' what others are thinking, falling into 'survival mode' rather than allow ourselves to shine and release all judgement of ourselves and others. Message me if you want to book coaching, treatments or to learn how to implement daily self-reiki practices.

There are many energies here to help us with this journey of transformation and growth. The Galactic Federation is one of the principal councils, made up of hundreds of thousands of different races, residing in the ether. They are here to aid us with balancing the dark and the light energies to build a powerful collective of oneness. We are all one, our goal is a universal concentration of unconditional love, a supreme frequency of love and happiness for everyone. All the Starseeds, Lightworkers and Earth Angels are amplifying the vibration of love, abundance and creativity and fuelling the transformation of Mother Earth and all who reside on her. Just being in the presence of a fully awakened soul can amplify your strengths, maximise the love and happiness open to you, and aid your ascension growth. As you raise your vibration daily, the collective energies are elevated beautifully. Undoing the old conditioning of thoughts, actions and teachings is going to take time but we have made exponential strides to a positive environment for all in 2022.

Completing a Full Moon Ritual and reassessing your intentions is advised, as always be guided by your intuition and do as little or as much to aid your healing journey as you desire. Adding in some sound healing/musical vibrations that enhance your mood for the ceremony can be soothing, yet energising and it is set to play a big roll in our lives moving forwards.

Full Moon Mantra Ideas: Today I welcome miracles into my world; I am open to the expansion of my manifesting abilities; I am here to shine my light so bright; Expanding the laughter + unconditional love in my life is my favourite daily task; I know change is difficult but I embrace the magnificence of healing myself; I open my heart, my soul + my consciousness to allow greatness to occur, success is my dharma.

The Winter Solstice and 12.12 Portal provide remarkable opportunities to once more open your heart, and your physical form to download the new light codes and invoke the new energies. The solstice being the shortest or longest day of the year depending where in the world you currently reside. I, for one, am super excited that on this side of the world (UK) the days begin to, slowly but surely, get lighter as we welcome more sunlight into each day. Booking a Cord Cutting Ceremony around this time can be super beneficial to cut the negative etheric cords from your energy field, helping you to move forwards, leaving the past behind.

Understanding, you are the creator of your reality is so empowering and when we change from living an information-based existence to a consciousness-based life we discover the keys to ultimate health, wellbeing and a myriad of love and abundance. Let's stop wanting things to 'stay the same', giving fear of the unknown the upper hand, when once we 'open the door' to a new way of thinking, how we treat ourselves and others, welcomes magic into our worlds. I have frequent group Reiki Energy Healing Training via Zoom and 1-2-1, at a time to suit your schedule. I also teach children, from 8 years old, so they learn how to release stress, anxiety and depression and live far easier, even with the additional stresses of the external world. We are stepping into an age of super consciousness, as we move timelines, embrace all we see, sense and feel and discover all the 'hidden' knowledge that is now surfacing to live as we were meant to - in heaven on earth.



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