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Cord Cutting Rituals

A guided ceremony to cut the negative etheric cords from your energy, any barriers of fear, cords of the past, stored anger or resentment to people and situations. Anything that no longer serves you and that is preventing you moving forwards. With all relationships, friendships & interactions energetic cords form and attachments need to be broken and released often. 


Frequently releasing negativity allows us to strengthen our energy and build on the goals and dreams that we are working on manifesting. Every minute of every day we share and, therefore, pick up energies from others. Cord Cutting recharges you, helps you feel more peaceful, free and open to new opportunities. Sessions last for 45 minutes, additional Coaching (+£60 per 30 minutes) + a Quantum Healing Treatment (+£85) can be added. 

Cord Cutting by Emma Hands
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