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Magnificent March Ascension Energies + Full Moon in Virgo

March is set to be a magical month of energy upgrades and activations with the impending powerful 3:3 Portal opening, Full Moon on 7th, then the Ostara Equinox + New Moon, 19th - 21st. It is going to be a transformative month of re-remembering who we are, our records are wiped when we re-incarnate, but with the massive energy injections and the upgrading of our light bodies, our ability to recall our true identities is ON. The opportunity to rediscover the real, authentic you in a magnified way, and with this your upliftment changes the world, the morphic field and the ascension path, with the positive vibes you emanate. A mass wave of high vibration output alters the trajectory of Mother Gaia, just like the revolting disasters do, but this time in a super positive way, let's all work together to improve our journey.

First, we have the 3:3 Energetic Portal opening, providing us with opportunities to increase our light body, our manifesting and our LOVE levels. LOVE, JOY & HAPPINESS for everyone, as the default state of being, is why the shifts are occurring. Our DNA templates are moving into multi dimension templates, the 12 DNA strands, the 6 double helix configurations are becoming fully activated 12 strand DNA, aiding our remembering of our true abilities and purpose on Mother Earth. DNA is our library of coded information, our life lessons, and the expansion of each one of us is magnificent, as we welcome in more light source into the body. Time to listen to the language of our DNA, the language of our soul so we can upgrade together.

Then the auspicious Full Moon is in Virgo on Tuesday 7th March 2023 at 12:40 London, UK; 04:40 Los Angeles; 07:40 New York & 23:40 in Sydney, Australia. A time when even the grumpiest person could potentially 'see the light' (literally heehee) and realise there is much more to life than the current orchestrated, and forcibly imposed, systems. The Virgo aspects to embody to aid your journey at this time are their great observation skills, their abilities to know when an environment is not quite correct - perfect right now! Their love and care for their family and friends, let's club together, and their patience and quick thinking will assist us. We just need to be sure to remove overthinking, yes things are uncertain, yes change is happening BUT in a positive, exciting way. We are fortunate (our gratitude levels are key), fun and free, whilst forgiving ourselves and others, and focusing on our happiness...ignoring the lying media et al.

This Full Moon, I would highly recommend completing some kind of ritual, in whatever form you like. There is a sample ritual: HERE but please follow your own intuition, allowing yourself to be guided by your heart, as that is a huge goal of 2023. During the days building up to the moon shift, I would advise remaining in our core centre, in control of all you need to heal, cleanse and evolve. Daily practices of energy healing, yoga, walking, exercising, talking beautifully to yourself, eating well and loving yourself and others unconditionally will see the dreamy energies of March see you breeze through it on a wave of heightened euphoria.

We are communicating with all the soul aspects of ourselves and generating a unity consciousness, so we manifest all we dream of, and desire, simply and easily. There is to be no judgement, hatred, fear or worry, it is a month of bliss, magic and wonder, for all those able to rise above the negative energies and sore on the clouds of pure joy. No one is better than anyone else, no one is more deserving than another, we are all incredible beings here to have vast amounts of pleasure, in every way.

As always, if you want to book my assist with a Past Life Regression; Soul Retrieval; Quantum Healing Session; Certified Reiki Course, House Cleanse, an Intuitive Reading or any of my services, then drop me a message. Any of them can speed up your healing process, it depends where you are on your path of enlightenment, your healing quest. We are connecting in with our higher self, our super conscious self, and it is very exciting, especially if you are loving the uncertainty, instead of fearing it, to help you to sail through and allow the subliminal shifts to be embodied into your reality. Allow yourself to trust in you in a whole new way, in your abilities to heal yourself and evolve. Have a stunning fews day, sending buckets of love out into the ether, and I will see some of you soon (virtually or in-person).



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