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Accelerated Ascension Update

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Ascension is primarily, activating your body, your being, to the next level, to the authentic you, who you were truly born to be. It is the accelerated spiritual process that is here, now, and rapidly increasing speed as there are now so many awakened souls. Over the last few years the world went into a 'dark night of the soul', revealing to many what they needed to heal to move forwards, to evolve, which has created a mass spiritual awakening. We are creating a beautiful ONENESS, an emergence of togetherness, as the LOVE energies are ramped up.

Thankfully multiple souls are now vibing high daily, which has expedited the ascension of planet earth, far quicker than was originally thought/predicted. Many were put off reawakening in this lifetime as they have memories of spirituality not working out before and them being punished for it. I saw myself burnt at the stake during a past life regression years ago, but it enlivened my passion for spiritual growth, confirming my path, but for some it deterred them, slowing this ascension process until now.

The energies we are experiencing, and especially during March 2023, are causing a huge transformation on Mother Earth (or Mother Tara as the Arcturians refer to her).

This quote I heard recently sums it up: "You are now in a sports car and the gas tank is full and waiting for you to transmute some energy" from Alexander Quinn's - STARSEEDS What's It All About. A book I highly recommend, if you are at an advanced awakening stage and looking to better understand all that is traversing at this time. All the stuff I have been talking about, and writing about, for many years is condensed into a easily learnable form with this book.

Our ability to manifest is enhanced, our ability to connect with the universe, the energies outside of earth, are exponentially increased. Multidimensional understanding has expanded, and is growing daily. The key 'work' for you is to heal your core wounds, so you can thrive, evolve and ascend and detox the mind conditioning, all that has been imposed on us for centuries, to open your heart and mind to the truth. It is a very exciting time and many beings wish they could reincarnate to be a part of this process. Being alive on earth at the moment is a golden ticket, please know you are here, now, for a magical reason.

Ascension symptoms, as the energy rises in our bodies, are showing up differently for everyone: Ears ringing, hot & cold fluctuations, headaches, blurry vision, pain within the body, needing to pee more often (this may be because we are being called to drink oodles more water to flush out our systems), uncomfortable stomach stirrings (bloating, churning), not needing as much sleep or needing twice as much. The reactions are unique to each individual soul and depends on the amount of healing you have done and what triggers are presenting themselves to you. Know your body is being powered up, purifying and releasing the 'aging process', when you believe it to be so, let the up levelled light in, and breathe. We are super encouraged to enjoy this transformation, to laugh more, love stronger and accept the lovely advancement of humanity.

The photon light that is transforming our DNA back to how it should always have been. It is a phase of re-remembering who we are truly meant to be, function and live. Heaven was created to be a Garden of Eden, a place of extreme joy, disease free, and full of love. As we shift from allowing ourselves to be controlled by our egoic mind to our heart/soul/intuition then we master our emotional, physical and mental selves in a whole new way. A simple explanation is using the escalated light to transmute the shadows in your world.

Working with the energies within and around you is THE way forwards. Mastering your fear, removing your destructive thoughts and behaviours and allowing yourself to change. Applying self-care practices to raise our vibration daily, like self-reiki, meditation, what we eat, think and say, tuning into the energies and our guides assists us greatly. If you want help, do get in touch and we can get you booked in for a Quantum Healing Session with Crystal &/or Sound Healing, learn Certified Reiki I, II & Master/Teacher Levels, Spiritual Coaching, to get your surroundings cleansed or delve deeper with a Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regression or Energy Imprint Removal. I have done so much more personal healing recently and love to share all I have learnt and achieved in my ascension journey. I am constantly updating the blog: Book Recommendations For Spiritual Growth, Inner Healing & Trauma Release as there are multiple resources online.

March 2023 is set to see huge influxes of light into Mother Earth for our expansion. This is all happening to vastly improve life for everyone forever, nothing to fear or worry about, that is what the current systems do. The spiritually awake masses are working hard to reverse the trajectory of planet earth for all those upon it, so we can all live with ease, disease free, abundant and happy.



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