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"Life is 10% of what happens to you & 90% of how YOU react" & my goodness, this keeps coming up over & over again for my lovely clients & those around me. The actions, thoughts & feelings of others can come across / appear so differently than what they actually, themselves, mean.  If we take a step back & truly look at a situation & the behaviour of others, then we can get a better understanding of ourselves & the world around us. Once you start to review your overall perception then you can start to relax & change your own thoughts & feelings. We get into a worry 'hamster wheel' that can see us over stress people, situations & actions when all we need to do is make sure we come across clearly, that we know what we mean and if others continue to misconstrued us, that is due to their perception of us!!! 

Addressing things like:

  • Why did that make me feel angry / happy / sad / anxious?

  • Did the other person really mean how you took their words?

  • Is your reaction due to your insecurities, our own anxieties or past hurts or fear about something else, completely unconnected?

  • Do you truly love & believe in yourself enough that you are in a position to look at the behaviour of others objectively and not from a 'victim' mentality.

We are all amazing & have been on our own journeys, you never quiet know what another has been through. No judgement is a lovely tool too. Deepak Chopra has this great exercise on YouTube for Anger Resolution and transformation through regression which takes just over 10 minutes & can be life transforming. All meditation & reviewing our own thoughts, actions & perceptions can only be off bonus to us, once we have worked through them.

"With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose." Wayne Dyer

Next week is the perfect time for releasing and changing thoughts, habits & old beliefs that we hold onto via the Full Moon Ritual on 27th July 2018, it works wonders! See Here. We also go into Mercury Retrograde, July 25 - August 18, 2018, in the fire-sign of Leo so do read my previous blogs, just to ensure you are fully protected during this time. Here is the Mercury Retrograde Tarot Prep & guidelines. Not signing big contracts i.e. buying a house, unless the plans are already underway, is a great idea, for example! Planning, prepping & preparing is the best course of action, so the dotted line can be signed are 18th August (which will soon come round). Being aware these cycles take place (often x 3 a year), allows you to plan in advance and prevent projects going off-track.  Next week MR is in the house of Leo, testing our high aspirations and ideas to the max! Some will be prone to lose their temper more often, unless they take the steps to prevent this.

One thing I did read was that people in power are likely to cause chaos in their country... that is already happening with Trump & May so it should be an interesting few weeks. I am super pleased I have many new crystals counteracting this, for 'this too shall past' & major transformative ones, phew! As it is in Leo, be wary of over indulgence for children & the elderly and be careful of high food consumption and remember to put off major projects until 19th/20th August. 

Work on your Solar Plexus chakra, releasing any blockages / emotions that are preventing you moving forwards & for those who do angel work, Archangel Raziel is amazing during this time. Something else to remember is: Listen because you want to here what others are saying not just listen to respond. Learning to fully listen to others really can change your world.




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