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Energy Musings

The opening of the 777 Portal, that continues until 11.08.2023, as galactic stargates align with the Star Sirius, is providing us with a wonderful time of renewal and rejuvenation of our physical form. A heightened cosmic portal, forming a direct connection with our inner mystic, the ancient starseed past, the present human form, and the harmonious New Earth. We are human light beings, no longer suppressed by only working with 10% of our DNA but becoming powerful souls, healing ourselves and the world as a whole.

Our carbon DNA is upgrading to crystalline DNA, increasing our psychic abilities, our intuitive inner guidance is back online, and we are thriving beautifully. We are crystalline beings evolving at an exponential rate over the next few weeks. We have stepped into the Golden Age, that has been predicted for some time, the quantum field of truth and love, morphing wave-particles of magical realities.

The Upgrading of Humanity

The Sirius portal is synchronising and activating a gateway between the spiritual and physical worlds. The Syrians are one of the purest races of all lines, emitting a higher density vibration, allowing us to step into the seat of divinity, a time of non-duality, the oneness of being. Question everything you think, understand you are your own guru, and no longer need to live in the old 3D Matrix, the societal rules, imposed on us for eons. Age is not an 'ending' but a blast into the true sovereign being you were born to be. Manage the way you communicate to your body; vibrant health is your birth right. The same way you believe it will go wrong, can be easily applied to 'it is going to go right' instead. As we vibe higher daily, we emanate a transformative energy that is highly contagious to everyone you interact with. Every 7 years your body restores its self and this is magnified as we expand our thoughts, perceptions and desires.

As you learn to query, and disbelieve, in the system, be sure to apply this to everything you do. We are coming online as the fully conscious souls we are here to be. We are all healers and I have witnessed many people stepping up for assistance with their journey, until they trust in their own abilities. I am attuning a 9 year old & a retired soul to Reiki Level I this week, age is no object to when to start working with your true skills. I have been completing distance & in-person house cleansing, quantum reiki and kundalini innerdance sessions, it is a very exciting time! Those coming to activate their Kundalini serpent, from the root chakra to the back of the head, are finding a level of nirvana and self-trust as they quickly face and clear the past. Surrendering is the only necessity for majestic transformation. It does not matter where you live in the world, you can heal from anything, you are a powerful vessel able to reverse dis-ease, fear, anxiety, everything.

Tune in daily, to your guides, angels, spirits, dragon and your own inner gps, your Soul light, to expand your experience on Mother Earth. Open your hearts, quieten your logical mind and enjoy this journey of ascension as we upgrade Mother Earth and all the energies within it, all your choice! We are in a period of love and oneness, at a far greater level than Gaia has ever seen. Throwing out any 'victim mode' thoughts, whether conscious or subconscious, will greatly aid your ascension journey. Enjoy the personal revamping, apply self-care, learn how to heal yourself as you activate your hidden skills, and let's get collaborating, communing and supporting each other. Life is easy, we live in Heaven on Earth, help is here from the galaxies outside of Gaia. We are able to astral travel, teleport ourselves, bio-locate and communicate telepathically, when we upgrade.

Have a magical week, the veil has lifted and you will find yourself encountering proof that we are not alone, help is here. The Waxing Moon peaks tomorrow, when the light of the moon gradually expands and grows, serving as fuel for bringing your desires into fruition. During this phase it is a good time to boost your motivation, commit to your dreams and take the action required to see positive results. Be honest with yourself, realistic, yet also reaching for the stars so that magic can unfold. A magnetic time for nurturing your life and transforming your world as you overcome hurdles, build on your energy field and experience breakthroughs in your healing, growth journey. We are becoming galactic again, stepping out of the quarantine period, that occurred with the fall of Atlantis. Super exciting times, never before seen, felt or enjoyed, on Mother Earth.



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