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Abundance Manifestation Portal 12th April 2022

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

I have said this before, and I am sure I will say it again, April is a powerhouse of energy shifts. It started with the first New Moon of the month, then the 4:4 Portal and next is the gigantic shift on 12.04.2022, when the good luck and abundance signs, Jupiter + Neptune are conjunct in Pisces. We are heading to a Full Moon on Friday 16th too! Transformation is once more available to you, and increasing abundance is always welcome. An abundance of love, happiness and money is just waiting for you to set strong intentions and open your heart.

"Everything I desire is within me" Deepak Chopra

We are being called to work on our thoughts, perceptions and reactions once and for all, so that things can truly change for us as individuals and as a collective. Constant gratitude for all you have, all you are and all you are creating sees magic enter your world every day.

Abundance takes many forms, love, friendship, happiness but often the focus is money. Money is energy and when you embrace the fact that you have enough, you have all we need and you are able to generate all you need, then more shows up! Living abundantly is a STATE OF MIND, not the amount of money in the bank or the size of the house, car etc. Society has put too much status on ‘things’.

"Live overflowing with an abundance of love, passion, creativity and significance and then these symbols themselves will 'chase' you" Dr. David. Simon, Co-Founder of Chopra Centre

A wonderful practice for abundance = take a new notepad and ask these questions of yourself:

What does abundance mean to me?

When did my lack of self-worth and disbelief in myself manifest?

What generational stigmas to I need to release, now?

What does it mean to me to be immersed in pure consciousness?

How can I bring this awareness into everyday life?

Using daily mantras strengthens your abilities too and be sure repeat those that you are drawn too throughout the day for magic to unfold.

"I remove the fear of unworthiness, of destruction and of lack. I am worthy'

“As I let go of the need to arrange my life, the Universe brings abundant good to me”

“I place my intention into the vast ocean of all possibilities and allow the Universe to work through me”

”As I live in the present moment awareness, I live the magic of synchro destiny”

”I accept and expect abundance to flow easily to me“

”Through the law of pure potentiality, I can create anything, anytime and anywhere.“

”Starting today, I constantly attract abundance with my thoughts.“

”I create my personal abundance from an infinite source”

On 12th April, we have an Abundance Portal opening with the extremely rare astrological event of Jupiter + Neptune conjunction in Pisces. It last happened in 1856 and the next one will be in 2188 and so a remarkable once in a lifetime event. Jupiter is the luckiest planet and rules Spirituality, Expansion, Healing, Good Fortune and Miracles. Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusions, it rules spiritual enlightenment, unconditional love, psychic and healing abilities and intuition. The two together is going to see a huge transformation, an activation of psychic abilities in many and the awakening of the yin female energies. Keep a note pad by your bed, as your subconscious mind (dreams) want to be brought into our conscious awareness. Absolutely perfect this is happening now, time for more of you to wake up and for us all to thrive beyond our wildest dreams. A new energetic cycle of breakthroughs, removal of karmic energies, plus old habits, as we evolve into a new way of living here on earth is here, now. Mark your diaries for the day after tomorrow, to ensure you are aware of the activations and improvements in higher consciousness.

We have the power to control our thoughts, actions and deep seated beliefs and awaken our greatness, our ability to achieve and desire to evolve. To book guidance do get in touch or via the Contact Form.



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