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Energies of 12:12 Portal + New Moon in Sagittarius

A beautiful week in the quantum field of energies with the opening of the 12:12 Portal and New Moon in Sagittarius, both on the same day. On Tuesday 12th December 2023 the New Moon in Sagittarius is at 23:33 London, UK; 6:33 New York; 15:33 Los Angeles;11:33 Sydney. The energies of the 12:12 Portal are most potent and active from 12th - 21st (Winter Solstice) December 2023, a magical period of planning and intention setting, so we fly into 2024 empowered and ready for all we are choosing to create in our world. 

What Is The Quantum Field?

The Sagittarius energies are providing us with creative ways to resolve existing issues, showing us new perceptions, so that as we change our thoughts, and ultimately our lives. Allow the relief to enter your world, so you can generate your most desired goals, as you visualise, record, and post images throughout your home/on your desk, wherever you like, of them. Having reminders, where you will see them continuously, produces such positive results. We can think about what we want, but when we feel, and see them, within our minds eye, we manifest a frequency of love, positivity, and the belief we are worthy of our greatest wishes. Please don’t be afraid of your own self-worth and ability to conjure miracles, the energies are supporting you massively as we close out 2023.

Sagittarius calls for us to plan our new reality, which is perfect as the very next day Mercury Retrograde (MR) officially starts, on 13th December 2023 - January 1st 2024 in Capricorn. An organisational period, rather than starting anything new or making big purchases (homes, cars etc), with the MR energies. Simply deciding you no longer want to feel lack, unworthiness, or stressed about all that is outside of you, something some do so they don’t have to look at what needs healing within them, brings new energies and powerful possibilities to you. I have said it many times, healing hurts but my goodness it is worth it, to no longer live in the dense, stuck energies and habits of old, but you choose. 

Many of us feel the effects of the impending energy shifts of each Full &/or New Moon, in the week building up to them and up to 5 days afterwards, so be mindful and perhaps record the dates on your calendar, I have listed them all in the 2024 Calendar blog for us. Which phase challenges you emotionally, physically and mentally, is affected by when you were born (in what part of the cycle), where you are on your life path, and your healing, spiritual journey. Also, things like pregnancy can see your bodies sensitivities alter completely, so you may have always been unsettled by the New Moon, but after the birth of your angel, it can be the Full Moon energies that interrupt your world. It is super interesting how the changes in our life affect how we resonate with the world's energies. 

The transformative energies of the 12:12 Gateway Portal will help you identify any areas where you are still disconnected from your divine soul purpose. 12 is the number of rapid growth and expansion after all, so connecting in with the energies within and around you, will see you download more of the light codes and further upgrade your soul’s vessel for your ongoing journey on Mother Earth. Reverse aging is a big thing at this time, magnified by the realisation that aging is an outdated construct falsely taught to us, to stop you allowing yourself to be your magnificent self throughout life. The hierarchy operating system we have accepted and conformed to is over (when we choose it to be so), we are living in higher states of consciousness and rising up out of the darkness at accelerated rates. You, can of course, stay controlled, downgrading yourself, living by the false rules, focusing on all the negative, rather than living in gratitude for all the magic, and keep yourself small or you can have a rethink, a reset and sour. Everything, every thought, every action is your choice, by opening to the energy shifts, you permit the activation of your crystalline consciousness, allowing new heights of awakening and true understanding of self, and ramping up your manifesting abilities exponentially.

I will write a final blog for 2023 about the energies of the Full Moon on 27th December 2023 + Winter Solstice. People often let themselves become distracted by commitments, rather than doing the last releasing ceremony of the year, this can block your progress. Why not find a little time to sit and write all that needs to be let go of from the energies of 2023? Why not stop holding yourself back deliberately? We were (putting that in the past tense) our biggest abusers, mentally, physically and emotionally. You would not permit another to criticise, put down, or disbelieve in you the way you do sometimes. 

Also, why not make the time over the few days to revise your intentions and complete a ritual with the New Moon energies, there is so much to gain as we work with the moon phases every two weeks. I am open for Distance Quantum Healing Sessions, Zoom Teaching, Coaching + Kundalini Innerdance Sessions and have a few slots for In-Person before we welcome the New Year, so do get in touch or book yourself in on my online calendar. I am a conduit for the energies, you heal yourself through me, so can do it all yourself too, when you believe it to be so! The energies of 12:12 Portal + New Moon in Sagittarius are opening up to bring you another opportunity to fully fall in love with yourself and life, we are here to have fun, laugh and play. I love you all, have a stunning festival season, see some of you next year, the 8 year of the Dragon, very exciting energies await us. 



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