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Spiritual Discernment

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

The topic of Spiritual discernment has come up many times recently within spiritual communities, as the popularity of healing and awakening is attracting dubious people with malice intent. Often this is centred around money, out to make a quick buck from unsuspecting souls who can be in a vulnerable state, as they navigate the mind field of their own healing. It can be difficult enough to face up to, and work on, issues from this and past life times, and inherited ancestral stuff, without having to question the validity of those offering assistance.

I experienced a perfect example of this I began watching a couple of 'ascended masters' when towards the end of 2021. Often when watching them I would find my intuition triggered, my common sense would kick in and question things they did or said. They talked too often about being better than us, better than everyone...yet would then create a video on releasing your ego, too funny. We are all one, no one is better than anyone, please know that. The lady would continually mention 'how she was a victim' as a young adult, over and over again. Being in victim mode is NOT a spiritually awakened trait.

At first, they spoke about subjects I hadn't discovered elsewhere, at that time, and the astral travel we did as a collective in Feb 2022, was a big transformation for me. However, please know, that what we achieve on our growth journey is not controlled by external forces, please don't think another has caused the big shift in your consciousness. You are your own master and healer, you make the changes in your internal and external world, this can be with guidance help from those who have been awake for longer, but YOU are your ultimate teacher.

The couple had a big event in America for Winter Solstice 2021, and an awakened soul in the UK created a group, and we hired Glastonbury Town Hall for the night to participate overnight. It was a very self-centred event, further evidence of their selfish intentions, all happened as it should just not as we expected. One of the souls I met there and I began talking about our intuitive thoughts that they were just in it for the money. Manipulating people, 'controlling' vulnerable people and making out they were 'gurus', that we needed them to achieve ascension. Gurus are not needed, you are your own guru, your inner strength is amazing. We have reconnected as a soul group, without their bullshit, and it is apparent so many of us had moved on from their 'teachings' early last year, but had not relayed this info to the group, until recently, which is beautiful (& again, all happened as it should).

Unfortunately, they are a transparent example of those with a dark agenda to control and manipulate souls for their own financial gain, a documentary is being made about them, and others, offering a false ascension path. Research can be your friend when wanting to understand the validity of new learnings that you may discover. Trust your heart and intuition wholeheartedly every time!

If your intuition, your inner superpower, tells you something is off please let it ring that bell internally so loudly that you listen and move on.

I help others heal every day BUT I am a conduit for the energies YOU are healing yourself through me, which is why the greater you believe in your ability to heal yourself, the stronger the sessions and your subsequent results.

YOU are amazing and do not need anyone to heal from the past, not worry about the future and to live in the present moment. Apply discernment and trust to all you hear, see and were taught; release traumas, bad habits, the learned behaviours, as you are here to thrive. We are here to live in heaven on earth, with ease and grace, to laugh often and enjoy ourselves, without stress, fear or worry. Worrying never changes the outcome of anything so the more work you can put in to remove in from your life, the easier everything becomes. This is helped by what you consume, drink plenty of water and have a magical day. 2023 is a spiritually potent year, positive change is happening, remember to apply protection rituals as you become more sensitive with the energy upgrades.

Sending healing vibes and love to you all.



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