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Solstice + December Full Moon Energies 2023

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

We are closing out the year on energetic fire, full of bliss + love energies. These shifts are very visible when you connect into the universal energies, moment by moment. Thankfully many souls are now open to the fact that life has far more to offer us, than we had previous been led to believe, exciting times. As we manage our energetic frequencies, causing ourselves to vibe higher, then we emit pure love, raising the vibration of Mother Earth for everyone. We have toiled through many lifetimes to upgrade our personal systems, knowledge and energies, to accomplish all that we are now seeing materialise.

Winter Solstice peaks here in the UK at 3.27am on 22nd, on 21st December 2023 at 22:27 EST & 19:27 PST. The powerful Solstice energies are ushering in greater renewal, abundance and acceptance of self. Breathe in the magic and allow it to flow through your veins, to improve your DNA and permit more of your 'forgotten' talents to 'come back online'. You are like a computer, your internal structure is rebooting, resetting and revamping so that you thrive in the bliss frequencies. Know that whatever level of healing you are at, where you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be. We call in each step of our personal journeys, for lessons, healing and growth. Upgrading our thoughts, perceptions and reactions + finally letting the old/past go, allows us to easily exist in the new energies. This can be helped by questioning your beliefs and ideas, do they need refurbishing, so your own thoughts are not holding you back? We can be our worst saboteurs, or we were, lets put these habits in the past. Coaching can assist you and can be done via Zoom, booking is online or drop me a message.

The super strong Love energies, are escorting us to a beautiful level of oneness, as we manifest all that have been working towards. All you desire is waiting for you to call it in, to fully believe in your heart that you are worthy, strong and abundant - in love, money + happiness, to extremely magnified levels. Let's embody the new earth energies, release the outdated societal habits, and elevate our way of living, bringing in we ALL deserve. When family and friends remain in the old ways, focusing on the negative things, when they refuse to authorise themselves to live in more joy, with greater freedom, then know that all you need do is work on maintaining a high frequency. We are unable to wake others up, which can be heartbreaking, because we know that one day, they will realise we are telling the truth, living our truth and in freedom, from the ancient shackles of constraints.

Solstice + December Full Moon Energies 2023

On Wednesday 27th December 2023 we have the Full Moon in Cancer at 00:33 London, UK; 16:33 Los Angeles; 19:33 New York & 11:33am in Sydney. The mass awakening energies are incoming day by day, with another big peak with the moon cycle energies, so for those interested in learning more, teaching them, young, + old, how to work with their own energy fields. There are books, courses, videos, podcasts that can assist them in understanding life is different now. What we learnt at 'school' is becoming more and more obsolete, as it dampened our creativity, thriving skills, and understanding of our own magic. Time to re-access, to re-evaluate and move into a new way of living with the Solstice + December Full Moon Energies 2023.

Our sensitivities continue to increase, this can manifest in varying ways for everyone. The food we used to like is no longer tolerated by our bodies, the same with people, alcohol, even the alcohol 'free' has the same mood dampening shite in it. If you are still feeling in struggle and confusion, look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are calling in whatever it is, what you need to learn, and what you need to alter, to truly evolve. Your reality is of your own making, this can seem harsh, but we call in every lesson to maximise our growth and understanding of everything. Tune into the energies, your support team, and thank them for showing you all your personal restrictions, so you can be free, and extensively move forward. Try 'thank you for the synchronicities, the clear, conscious, simple ways I can upgrade my world today'.

We remain in Mercury Retrograde, in Capricorn, until January 1st 2024, a wonderful time to irrigate your spiritual seed, apply self compassion, and plan/visualise the future YOU want, not what anything external tells you. I heard a beautiful quote the other day that 'we pay for things according to our creativity', so let's get inventive, take action and push the button on new projects once we are in the 2024 energies. Take a higher perspective, trust source energies, trust your guides, you are far more than you consciously realise.

The last day of the year, written in the American order of dates = 123123. Angel Number 123 = forward motion + growth. Old cycles are completed and a whole new life is here, 10 times better than before, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, romantically and financially. Decluttering is very much a priority, if your home is cluttered, your mind and life are cluttered, unbalanced and chaotic. Praise yourself for all you have achieved this year, this lifetime, and be grateful for all you have. It can be as simple as saying 'I consciously call in magic, love, joy and an easy life'. Stop giving any 'problem' your energy, we are purging decades of darkness.

2024 is an 8 year, 2+0+2+4 = 8, a magical year of abundance, prosperity and the ability to manifest effortlessly. Living by the moon cycles = a spiritual life of understanding, balance and growth, as we work with the energy shifts throughout the year to maximise our growth, healing and thriving mindset. My blog with the calendar dates is live on the site, add them to your diaries. Follow your intuition and take heart inspired steps as we head to the enchanting energies of 2024.

The objective of learning is mastery, mastering the ability to execute effortlessly, without the use of conscious resources. Welcome your subconscious mind, your higher self, into each action, thought and emotion, so you manifest from your heart. 2024 is going to be divine, any forks in the road, will be guidance for us to take an improved path. Take some time to set powerful intentions for 2024, complete a ritual, or whatever resonates for you to be in sync with the life enhancing moon energies, it can be within 48 hours of the energies peak. The energies are going to continue upgrading and improving life on earth, have a divine time over the next few weeks. I am open, at points, especially for online/distance sessions & teachings, a few in-person, so do get in touch if you want my assistance with ensuring you fly into the New Year as your true authentic self, I love you.



+44 (0)7949089265

** We start 2024 in the 1:1 Portal Energies, a beautiful day for manifesting, intention setting & opening the gateways to welcome your highest timelines & dreams into place.

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