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Emotional Preparation for the Holiday Season

And with that the 2023 season is coming to a close, what a fantastic, turbulent, yet educational + huge personal growth year for so many. To ensure you float through the month with your highest vibration flawlessly shining, it can be a great idea to look at any emotions that may surface when in the presence of souls that you would not usually choose to spend time with. The season can trigger the unhealed parts of you, with undue stress, unmet expectations, and unresolved emotions, topping the charts of what needs our attention. Honour and acknowledge the emotions that surface, don't suppress them, work through them, release and clear them, so that the frequency you put out is high vibrational and others can't help but match you.

A month of non-judgement and unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness, for yourself and others. By focusing on your perception of a situation and improving it, then you can thrive more easily. When you know you are going to encounter less awake souls, that have triggered you in the past, why not focus on something good they do, if not for you, then someone else. Celebrate them as they are, know where you are, and where you want to be, and let them be. It is not our role to try to bring others into true enlightenment, they have to want to heal themselves, and open up to all that this, and all that is possible.

You don’t need people to be a certain way, that is the old version of us, perhaps see them as a beautiful person on their journey through consciousness – don’t worry if they are not woke, don’t try and ‘wake them up’, stand in your power and move through the experiences with love and compassion in your heart. Love them where they are, the relationship will change, and the impact on your energy field. Plus, by choosing to be your higher self, moment by moment, then you help others activate their higher selves. You know if someone is constantly moaning, they bring down the mood, the energies, don't engage, keep positive and cleanse your aura as you part from their energies. Keeping your vibration high, and teaching your children how to do the same, just by being your magnificent self, then it 'rubs off' on everyone.

Be aware that we are becoming more and more sensitive, as we step into our authentic selves, so know that sometimes the way you feel may not be yours, that it is because you have picked up the emotions, even ailments, of others. Be hyper vigilant of this, then you can literally 'throw it away' from your energy field. When you are so anchored in yourself, you over power negative, dense energies just by being yourself. Jealous undertones try to affect our energies, it's not you, be secure in your intention, in YOU, your power and why you are in the physical form at this time. Any shadow reflections show up to remind you of your strength and the power of your energies.

We will be in Mercury Retrograde from 13th Dec - 1st Jan, a time when communication can be challenging, we just need to keep our throat chakras in alignment and, if necessary, double send/say/explain stuff, so that there is no unnecessary misunderstandings. Don't internalise any of the energetic muck, don't worry how others perceive you, it truly does not matter. Your vibration has upgraded, free up the mental energy, rather than getting involved in their lower energy frequencies.


· When both parties are happy = neutral exchange of energy

· When YOU are angry = the other person steals your energy (No!)

· If they are angry = you steal their energy, their brokenness, which you then take on and it can damage your mind, body and soul (Yuk!)

Create the energy you want from a situation, see the beauty in yourself as you leave the house, 'power up' your vibration and know you are so protected by source, spirit, and loved ones that are no longer in the physical form. Rising above any dense energies is your power tool, you can experience happiness, harmony and tranquillity within yourself when you apply your self-care tools. Take time out for you, even 5 minutes, in the busy periods, to re-centre, ground and return to your tranquil state. Being selfish, if only for a short time, enhances your sense of balance, clarity of mind, and patience to deal with the unhealed parts of others (+ you).

Be in Love With Life Quote

Write yourself some affirmations and intentions for this period, to ensure the universe can hear you:

I AM…... (the qualities of confirming that which we already are, the field is not separate from us, we are interconnected = the law of one)

It is going to be...

I remain centred, no matter what energies I encounter

There is a lot of pressure from all angles and compromise does need to occur, just please ensure that is not at the expense of your own mental health and wellbeing. You, your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and opinions are of great significance. Make time for you, spend time in relaxation, in whatever form that takes, even deciding 'today is going to be amazing for me' as you awaken helps.

Try not to get caught in a cycle of doing what you do not want, if you do not want to attend that event, function or gathering, then don't. There are unfortunately still narcissistic, jealous souls in the world and because of our pure energies we can be a magnet for them. If you choose to attend, then stop yourself from looking at something in ‘the old way’, based on learned behaviours, so you can prosper, no matter what occurs. Protect your aura/energy before entering another's; this can be via email, phone, in-person, or video call. Activating your Merkaba daily helps loads and there is a plethora of videos on YouTube that can help you. We are here to rejoice, celebrate and raise above negativity of any form, let’s have some fun.

Set personal boundaries, perform protection rituals, make your intuition a priority, whatever works best for you, to be in your power, let’s not undo the magnificent healing you have achieved this year. As you know now, all we consume impacts our energy levels, alcohol, for one, lowers your frequency dramatically, opening you up to psychic attacks & taking on shite from others.

Your self-awareness, self-care and self-love, will see you soar into the New Year as your empowered, authentic self, here to conquer everything you set your mind to. Let’s close out the 2023 season with massive, joy, peace, love and abundance in our hearts, minds and souls. You choose how to enter into the New Year, why not do it in style, with the frequency you desire at the forefront. I hope this Emotional Prep for the Holiday Season blog helps some of you, do let me know in the comments.

This mystical time of year is when the veil between the living and the Spirit Realms is at its very thinnest. If you want some help releasing, grounding and rebalancing over the festivities, I have some Online Energy Healing Sessions 1:1 & Online Group Kundalini Activations available + Spiritual Coaching via Zoom. Book in here: Emma's Sessions, now or closer to the time, be guided by your needs and desires. Do remember that no one can hurt you, unless you let them, be the beacon of light, be the change, that you, your family, and your friends need to enjoy the magnificence of working with the energies within and around us.

Feliz Navidad/Happy Christmas



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