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Scorpio New Moon Eclipse Energies

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The moon cycles are the turning points of the universal energies, of the external world, supplying us with vast opportunities to alter ourselves internally forever. The next New Moon in Scorpio is fast approaching, on 25th October 2022 at 11:48 London, UK | 03:48 LA | 06:48 NY and 21:48 in Sydney, Australia. Teaching the young souls around you about the fortnightly energy shifts will see them benefit in miraculous ways. Many are born spiritually awake, with their intuitive and psychic capabilities functioning strongly, and guiding them, encouraging them, and aiding them in increasing these natural abilities is a game changer.

During the October New Moon, we will experience a solar eclipse, opening a portal of new beginnings and these transcendences of energies always bring significant transformation. I do hope you have marked the moon dates on your calendars so you make sure you benefit from the magical changes on offer to you, and all those around you. It is happening in the intense water sign of Scorpio, many will be feeling the effects now, and for days afterwards, as we grow further, awaken more spiritually, and increase the levels of joy and laughter for everyone. I say it often, but we are truly here to live with greater happiness, abundance and more in tune with mother nature than we have ever seen before on planet earth.

Growing your own food is expanding, so that we know what has gone into the journey of all that we consume, and is something that is very exciting. It is lovely that you are learning to question all that you are being told, and have been taught, because the level of deception and lies is often hard to assimilate. It is honestly quite frightening that it is put out in such vast scales, but we are fighting back, the darkness is crumbling and the new earth is taking shape. I know that some of you may not believe it to be so, because the crap is still pumped out daily via the news, big pharma, politicians etc but positivity is winning and the truth is unfolding.

As you know, your thoughts create your world, and this is super important when managing your health. Your cells hear everything you think, about yourself and others. Being negative, judgmental, angry, and stressed, hurts you and science has proven that the coils of our DNA relax when we are happy and positive, and tighten when we do the opposite. The 'springs' of the DNA unwind when we chill out, improving our energy levels, health and ability to thrive. Our DNA are antennas for the energy of our super conscious self, and therefore working on your positive, excited self allows for greater cognition, creativity and joy. Improving our DNA, and the expansion of our pineal glands, is so important as we change the way we deal with life, and ourselves, letting more light into our physical, mental and emotional form, permits us to vibe higher naturally, and aid the transformation of humanity. We really are living in unprecedented times.

The Scorpio personality traits to embody, to help you with the upgrading of your human consciousness, are their powerful presence, determination and honesty. The energy fields of strength we are generating, as we wake up to the power of working with the energies, is bringing us together. Julianne from the Stargate Academy recently said, "a global network, a golden web of oneness", it is beautiful how we are coming together. Open your eyes, your heart, and allow the magic to enter your life this New Moon. Suggested ritual HERE but as always follow your intuition, your own process, just be sure to write clear intentions, visualise on a major scale, and feel in your heart that all you desire is here, now.

Sending you all healing vibes, love and magnificent elevations in your day-to-day lives, as you welcome the transformative energies this moon cycle. To book any of my services, to aid your personal growth and healing journey, do get in touch. It is magnificent that people are coming for regular Reiki Treatments, as they understand the importance of frequent energy clearings and boosting the immune system; Past Life Regressions, to review who they were previously; for Soul Retrieval's to replace the lost parts of theirs souls in this lifetime, and my other most popular service, House Cleansing, as we move into the later part of 2022, and cleansing and clearing our internal and external worlds of negative, stagnant energies is now top of many peoples to-do lists. Remember, I can teach you and your family how to perform Reiki on yourselves, and each other, with my Certified Courses, then you can live with ease daily. Have an incredible week, you are in the physical form at this time for a reason, let's enjoy each moment. You are the creator of your own reality, so let's get manifesting magic.



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