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Regression Happens When Stress Takes Hold

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

One of the biggest reasons for managing stress levels is to prevent a regression into old habits and thought processes. It is difficult to pull yourself back when you feel everything crumbling around you, even when you have all the self-help, rescue tools in the world. When life truly challenges you it is very hard to apply them. We get to a point when we feel secure then the rug gets pulled from under us. We know it is another lesson for us to learn, to take us to a greater level of life understanding and spiritual enlightenment, but it is a WTF moment.

I have read a lot about people choosing to cross over in lockdown, another massive life challenge that 2020 brought us. The increased levels of domestic violence and abuse to children and adults is extreme. We are all here for a purpose but those that choose to hurt others makes us question this statement. I spend each day assisting others in their personal growth and in clearing negative, traumatic and damaging energy blockages. It is good so many are waking up to a new way of healing, rather than pumping more money into pharmaceutical companies but still shocking to see the levels of unhappiness amongst society.

The energies are the same as 911 this month and my goodness the heaviness is hard work! We have to get through this and clear the crazy of this year and believe it will all be worth it. I am having to move soon, unable to secure a place because although working from home for a company is ok, self-employed is not. Plus many places are so poorly managed, dirty and tiny, it is amazing that souls think it is ok to provide such places for another to live in. I know it is all happening for a reason but, but, but!!! Lost for words.

A challenge is put in front of us to allow us to achieve an amazing increase in the way we live, think, feel and what we do. It is just wading through the grunge that is incredibly draining. I want to say it will all be ok (in time it will) but natural disasters and human reactions of aggression and protest are set to increase first. I always feel 'off' when big things are manifesting like the bombs in London, people crossing over and atrocities everywhere. To say the 'calm cart' has been tumbled over is one way of putting it. We have to fall down to rise is the pain the falling causes that takes time to heal from too.

I have put off writing a blog this week, uncomfortable to talk about what I think and feel. Please look after each other, show extra love to those close to you and appreciate all you have. Today is the most important day we have. We have a New Moon next week too, complete the ritual, cleanse your crystals and dream big.



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