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New Earth Is Morphing Into Being...

Updated: Jan 14

How Are You All Feeling? We are busy integrating the light code updates to the physical, mental + emotional form and enjoying the upgrades to all that is here, now. Those that are not woke will be undergoing confusion, upset and, potentially, unexplained aches and pains, as their past catches up with them and because the energies we breathe are revamping and aiding the raising of the vibration of Mother Earth. New Earth is morphing into being, new earth is inside of you, it is a way of living, laughing and loving that allows us to be completely free of karma, bullshite and stress.

Those around you will need your help, we have done massive personal healing, faced multiple demons, unpacked our emotional suitcases, and frequently cleansed our souls, to be the conduits for the energies and the support systems to 'hold up' those blown away by the shifts incoming. This is an ongoing situation, nothing to fear, at all, just the reason we are the magnificent light beings that we are. Super important to up your self-care levels, as the energies are upgrading us daily too. It is ascension acceleration in over drive and is very exciting.

Be sure to go and get that healing session, stretch, walk, dance, laugh, whatever it is that brings you back into yourself, as change is coming. It is a lovely time to be alive and the 'why' for all our healing work, over this and past lifetimes. Please don't let people go into extreme fear, we have is a belief that you can hold in your soul and permeate to everyone you know - or you can watch the news and believe the excessive bollocks they are spewing (apparently, I live in my own world, insert laughing emoji). They are going to increase the chaos because their power is diminishing rapidly and they want all those not awake to go into fear and, unknowingly, aid them into bringing their shite into form by believing them. It really is how it works, squashing our abilities, in this and previous lifetimes, burning us at the stake, but there are now far to many of us that they can't do that now heehee.

Emma Hands Energy Alchemist Self-Mastery Teacher

We continue to heal ourselves, the real work you have to do has to be done in the privacy of your own heart. Quiet your mind and open your heart and allow magic to unfold. What requires your attention will show up, you don’t need doubt because YOU already know what is left to heal for you. Trust your intuition, you will know how to navigate the energies. We go through one spiritual awakening after another and many souls are having a massive explosion of them right now. It is all for our highest good, all for the growth of the collective and ushering in the new earth energies.

We are creating ascension hubs - retreat centres and schools - to blast off your further upgrading and to help those awakening now and nurturing the young souls into their true authentic selves, not squashing their innate skills in the current systems. It is very much about stepping into your power, you are far more than you realise, you have the universe within you. I would love to help you transcend at this time, we can do coaching, distance quantum healing and innerdance kundalini activations all remotely. There is no blocks to your healing, we are releasing all doubt and money lack blockages. Money is energy and we are calling in the green stuff to transform the world into a loving, healing, happy place.

Everything you need is inside of you, the innerdance sessions I facilitate are a way of dying to be reborn into the new you - a regeneration of your soul to bring you back into full coherence. With the playlists + energy activations we go into the space where no language exists, deconstructing yourself to restructure yourself, a rebirthing of you. Let's embody the new earth energies and shine together, it is your time, you can book online or drop me an email. We are coming together, beautiful communities are underway, clearing any remaining trauma or doubt in YOU needs releasing. We want you thriving beyond anything you could have imagined before right now.

I am still teaching Reiki, I have just removed reference to it from the main areas of my site because the Quantum Healing Sessions I perform are so much more than that. Learning the source of energy healing remains important, we are just evolving, and working with the quantum field, when being a conduit for you to heal yourselves, is seeing amazing results. I am so grateful, blessed and appreciative of my path and thank all those who have stepped forward recently to enliven their mind, body and soul to new heights.

I love you all, you are a divine majestic soul, here to help the world improve wonderfully. We have so much divine energy incoming with the powerful moon cycles, eclipses, portals opening and enhanced rays from the healing sun. Please know how amazing you are, 20.01.2024 is going to see us experience some big shifts in energy, enjoy the ride.



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