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2024 Predictions & Energy Musings

Updated: Jan 2

The energies are firing up, as we head into the New Year, the surge of positivity is being felt by so many of you. I am so very proud of all of you for working through your challenges and discovering your innate abilities to heal yourselves, and help others do the same. We are ready for the Love energy surges, and the 1:1 Portal is open and offering us additional energetic assistance and growth support. Tune in, vibe higher, continue to complete your daily rituals, and practices, to further heal your soul's vessel, and your capacity to manifest will continue to expand.

2024 = 2+2+4 = 8 = infinity, & in numerology represents Karma, all that we have been putting out, will be coming back to us, love, abundance, joy, healing vibes and pure bliss. Believe in yourself, praise yourself for all you have achieved this year, all you are going to continue to receive and create, and let the energies of the Universe guide and support you. A year of infinite possibilities and when you give your team of energetic support permission to assist you, they will. This is why I often talk about 'tuning in', like you would to a radio station, connect with the energies within and around you. Your team will not interfere in your world, you need to ask/thank them, call on them, talk to them, listen to the signs, notice the synchronicities, be guided by your intuition and let magic unfold.

This year is going to be epic, on so many levels, time to call in your biggest desires! I began my vision board today, purchased some magazines to cut up, painted the black boarder around the edge - to frame my dreams into being, and welcomed the planning phase. It is super helpful for the success of your board, that you FEEL what you want, from each word that you add, and from each picture. Rather than just adding random 'stuff', think about the desired outcome, what it is you are truly looking to accomplish, and enjoy the ride. I will pop a video on social media about this later today too.

There will be 'mud' & confusion thrown by the old controllers, but we won't let it stick, we will rise above it all. This is why it is important to master your vibration, to fully step into your mastery, and connect in with your higher self, in a stronger way, daily. Every time they try something else, more of you wake up, which is exciting. If you want help, we can do some Intuitive Coaching via Zoom, so you can get this right, and fly into 2024, in your suit of armour of LOVE, HAPPINESS & total BELIEF in YOU, and all you can create. We manifest from our creative energies, creation is a natural spiritual power within us all, the moment we stop striving and flow with the energies, miracles arrive.

Believe in the limitless potential of your possibilities, we did extensive deep introspective work throughout 2023, it is time for us to reap the rewards. Your wings are no longer broken, time to fly high, and live in a higher timeline. 2023, a 7 year, was the period of building, of sowing the seeds, now we collect our winnings, our well deserved successes, very exhilarating. Release the past, release anger, hurt, pain and unrest within your soul. The external 'chaos' does not need to be a part of your world, you choose the experiences. The rapids, the waves of confrontation, of all you need to clear and 'part with' show up to allow you to be your true authentic self. Realising that perhaps you have been too fearful to allow magic to enter your life, to set yourself free from any victim habits and thoughts, is extremely powerful.

Communicating With Spirit

YOU are so much stronger than you previously thought, 'the old programs are no longer part of my world'. Say whatever most resonates with YOU, we are shifting timelines of energy. Mother Earth is moving into new energies within the atmosphere, change is unfolding, permit yourself to ride the waves of greatness, rather than living in fear, scarcity and lack. You choose, you chose the lessons, now choose wonder, delight and magnificence, or don't. Whatever most resonates with you, is your timeline, your life path. We are creating communities, coming together and supporting each other in lovely new ways, when we allow it.

If you are still feeling stuck, you can ask/thank your support team for guidance "thank you for showing me all my personal restrictions". Simply saying "I choose" instead of "I want", upgrades the energies that you generate. "I choose to.." "I recognise the waves of change", "I welcome the energetic upgrades to my physical, emotional and mental form".

Cleansing your external space is very much encouraged, decluttering, with veracity and passion, will aid your health, wellbeing and ability to upgrade your energy field, moment by moment, and attaining ultimate inner peace will come more easily.

Mantra's for 2024: Life is EASY, Peace resides in my world, My heart is full of love for all beings, I am abundant in all areas of my life, I AM...(fill in, as you like).

We are here at this historical time for a reason, each one of us. Feliz Ano Nuevo, alegria, amor y risa son mi camino de la vida; Happy New Year, joy, love and laughter are my way of life. The true New Year begins with the Spring Equinox, when we embody our goals fully, but setting intentions and visualising our dreams in situ any day of the week is good for me! Feeling your dreams here now every day is our greatest plan of action, I love you all.



P.S. I hope you enjoyed my 2024 Predictions & Energy Musings, the yellow Donate button on my Blogs, is for me, PayPal takes 37p for each £1, but for all of you that have donated, so I can keep doing the FREE articles, I thank you very much, greatly appreciated.

P.P.S. My 2024 Moon Calendar is live, to help you navigate the energy shifts of the New Year.

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