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November's Gemini Full Moon

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

The penultimate Full Moon of 2023 is on 27th November 2023 in Gemini at 09:16 London, UK; 01:16 Los Angeles; 04:16 New York & 20:16 Sydney. A fantastic opportunity to do a big release of any derogatory thoughts, feelings, and emotions, blocking you fully transforming. Energetically, we are being called to step into your authenticity, in all aspects of our lives, to fully embody the magical vibrations on offer to us and create a genuine, happy, joyful existence, moment by moment.

Embracing Uncertainties Quote

November's energies have been very yucky, challenging, and quite horrid, for many souls, to ensure we trust, believe, and take action, to alter our lives forever. Remember all that arrives for us, we call in, whether consciously or subconsciously. Keep healing your soul's vessel, in all areas, and improving the frequency you transmit, so it matches what you honestly want to experience, now and in the future. Take time to just 'be' and don't beat yourself up, if motivation is lacking. We are in a very important energetic transition period, the greater the healing you can do now, the easier life will become day-to-day. Physical ailments, exposing themselves in unpleasant aches, pains, 'sickness', skin rashes, lumps, distortions, to make certain WE act every day. All 'symptoms' of the energy upgrades are unique to you, take responsibility for the resolution and know how powerful you are and able to heal yourself. There is some healthy guidance in a recent blog that I wrote: Natural Remedies, I hope it helps.

We are in-control, let's allow this to set into our being, we are free, by choice, every time we actively live outside of the system. We are sovereign beings and the huge tests we are facing are all set in place for us to burst the bubble of the past, and awaken to super powerful new heights.

Disruption is here to get us to stand up to freedom, without fear, worry or distress of all they are trying to get us to believe and experience. 'They' have created the wars, deaths, harm and nastiness on purpose, believe this or don't. Keeping you in fear and stress is their aim, so as always everything is up to you. When your vibration is high, you aid the healing of the world, literally, with all whom you engage with.

Gemini's can be loud and impulsive, think excessively and love to speak their minds, all great traits when used to your advantage, not to lower your energy frequency or deliberately hurt another. They also adore helping and loving that which is most precious to them, let's maximise these characteristics this next week.

Embracing uncertainty, as a healthy challenge, and incorporating lots of play, curiosity and carefree energies daily, works wonders. Let's embrace the positive mystery of life and welcome intrigue and passion into our personal spaces. It is a time of enormous transformations, personally, globally and collectively, I do hope your new tribe are showing up and that the fire in your belly is well lit for helping you achieve the magic that awaits you.

Mercury Retrograde Preperation 2023

We go into Mercury Retrograde on 13th December, so finalise those plans, set those projects in motion, or hold off until we enter into January. A wonderful planning period to maximise our success in 2024, just be sure to keep communication as clear as possible, back up technology and add in extra self-care, you have got this. Go deep, discover inner guidance from your higher self, keep grounded, and allow the clarity of mind to emerge, opening deep truths and wonderful clearings.

Only two more moon cycles, before we close out 2023, so it is a great idea to complete the rituals, to release any aggression onto your pad and burn it, discarding the ashes away from the home, some suggestions here: Full Moon Ritual. 2024 is an 8 year, 2+0+2+4, abundance is abound, for all of us, what you want is here...go grab it!

If I can be of assistance with these demanding energies then do get in touch, I am open for some of the holiday period too, so we can ensure we stride into 2024 firing on all cylinders and ready, cleansed, grounded and balanced, for the magic to unfold - Distance sessions, globally, or In-person in Richmond, London. UK. I add daily energy updates to my TikTok & Instagram, to help guide you to remain in your brilliance and I am going to set up a Telegram Group, as the rumours about FB et el being monetised is floating around...if you want to be added, WhatsApp me or @Handserenity on telegram. I am back in the non-denominational church on Saturday 2nd December for the last Group In-Person Session of Kundalini Innerdance Activations this year, see some of you there, time to rise up.

November's Gemini Full Moon is a wonderful chance to investigate what needs to move from your soul's vessel, physically, mentally and emotionally. Forgiveness, compassion, LOVE, worthiness, and divine self-respect, are key emotions this moon cycle, plus grieving the old us, that is now departing, to make way for ultimate transformation. It has taken the toll on us, but let's celebrate the healing journeys we have survived through, time to thrive. 2024 is THE year of ushering in all that we have been working towards, magical energies...especially as we start the year, 3 Super New Moons in Feb, March and April! I have published a Moon Cycle Calendar with the full range of dates and energy expansions.

Sending love to you all, we are all one.



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