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Our Transformation into Divine Beings, aided by February's New Moon

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Change is here, the great awakening is happening and the energies are providing amazing opportunities for everyone. We are evolving as a planet, as humans, and it is very liberating. Are you feeling it? Many souls are no longer accepting the abuse of our freewill by the forces of control and are learning to challenge all that we are told, and all that is occurring around us.

Spirituality is about opening up and living with a level of freedom that is beyond anything you have ever been taught or that has ever been experienced on earth. Not following a set system, or group of rules, but doing exactly what you want, what your intuition guides you to do daily. Spiritual sovereignty is becoming the master of your energy field, healing past trauma (from this and past lifetimes), and opening your heart to align with a world of unity and a magnificent upgrading of all that you see, sense and feel. We are moving into new dimensions, will begin to communicate telepathically (in time), and are creating a world of extreme love and oneness.

Ascension is the word used to explain the current upgrading of humanity, please know we are not departing to anywhere, it is a spiritual evolution so we can evolve into divine humans. We are experiencing an embodied ascension where we are activating, as we go through an internal alchemical activation, to clear out all the dense trauma, and elevate to raise our vibration to a new level, and become the divine human beings we were born to be. We are able to hold more light in the body, to absorb more crystalline light, as we allow ourselves to heal and expand, permitting us to connect in a greater way with the energies and external forces outside of Mother Earth.

Transforming into your spiritual light body should not be 'frightening', it is a beautiful transmutation of growth, healing and expansion. I love helping you to achieve a higher vibration, and a substantial understanding of all that is occurring. We 'signed up' for the ascension journey just by being born on earth at this time. We have moved spiritually, metaphysically and scientifically into a new energy, a new consciousness, it is a very exciting time.

The next New Moon is 20th February in Pisces, it is going to help us with the upgrading and occurs at 07:05 London, UK; 02:05 New York; 18:05 Sydney, and the day before,19th Feb at 23:05 in Los Angeles. The personality traits of Pisces to encapsulate are their empathetic, generous, mystical and imaginative habits. These will help you with the powerful energy shifts occurring with the New Moon, but they have already started, beautiful change is upon us and will continue to be open to us throughout 2023.

Remember everything is a choice, that you are completely unique, so your journey at this time is individual to YOU. It depends on whether you want to change, if you want to do the healing work, to alter your perceptions and habits, or how much you want to stay in the 'comfort' of the old ways. By this I mean people are scared of change, scared to 'go against the system' and prefer the 'woe me' victim mode and embracing the outdated ways of living. "Oh, but this happened to me" - no we call in trauma, such as toxic people, so that they can reflect back to us what we need to heal. As an example, I used to go into relationships with people that needed healing, hoping I could help them change - I needed to work on myself, from this lifetime plus ancestral healing, not them! Until we look in the mirror and face up to our own selves, then we continue to attract drama, trauma, illness, negative souls and destruction into our lives. You have a choice to heal and upgrade or remain in the stressful, pressurised old world.

The dark forces, the egoic hierarchy, that have been abusing us for so many thousands of years are losing power, and 'attacking' us. They are very much still trying to impress fear onto the weaker souls unable to see through the chaos they are causing. Trusting that 'the war was needed' not that it is a greater plan to digitise a whole country as they rebuild it; that earthquakes were the result of nature, not forced to occur by man, the lists of events are endless. The truth that is being revealed within the awakened communities is disturbing, shocking, and truly showing the heinous nature of the horrid ones that have had control of humanity for centuries. Someone said the other day "can't you control what you see" - once you fully embrace the light, open up, and believe that there is so much more to life than 'sleep, work, eat', then the truth is in front of us daily. We see, sense and feel it, with every deceptive action they take, all the lies they write, the stories they make up every minute of every day, and, on the flip side, the magic we know is available to us to allow us to live happy, easily and without fear.

Many of us have talked about the large scale alterations happening in the future, but as multiple souls are now vibing so high, we are going to experience the wonder of the new earth now. I saw a poster the other day that said: 'You don't arrive at a New Earth; it arrives through you' - remember it is your choice. Do the regular healing, the constant work on removing bad habits, the frequent grounding, (& protection, if needed) or not. It is like we are ALL being invited to a luxurious, magical VIP party except there are NO exclusive tickets needed, only your resolve to change the way you see the world, how you live, what you eat etc etc. People say 'what you give out, you get back', and this occurs through your food choices; the tablets consumed; what you watch, listen to and read; the words you speak, especially 'in jest', (to yourself and others) and the self-care you apply daily.

Let's all upgrade together, if you want further Coaching, to book a series of Energy Healing Treatments, to have your surroundings cleansed of negativity to learn Reiki to apply to yourself or others, to Retrieve parts of your soul, lost through trauma or to dip into your Past Lives , do get in touch. THE TIME IS NOW to heal, evolve and have more FUN. A harmonious existence is our birth right and everything is made up of energy, even money. It is a glorious period of purification and transformational healing as we journey back into light, to our ascended planet, embracing the source essence we were born to enjoy every minute. Complete a Moon Ritual, if you feel drawn too, setting clear intentions right now, is highly advised!

Have a superb week and do get in touch, if you would like my assistance with your ascension growth journey into your super conscious self. Time to transmute all that is not needed, to up level your mind, body, and soul. Our negative programming is to be removed forever, so that we are fully in control of ourselves. Vibe high, apply oodles of self-love, hug a tree, meditate, do the healing work, and treat yourself like the god/goddess that you are. We are multidimensional beings here to live in happiness, filled with joy, and bundles of LOVE for ourselves and everyone else.



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