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Looking for Calm in the Chaos

New Moons are very special, a time to rest, before new beginnings, to remember who we are, where we want to be & to get guidance on the path ahead of us. At the time of their passing, for the 48 hours around the New Moon, it is a good time to set intentions for the things you plan to create, achieve, manifest & develop. Lighting a candle can be a good symbol or going out into nature & embracing it's beauty or simply focusing your thoughts in a quiet space, can all help with the manifesting.

Next Tuesday we will experience the Buck Moon, also known as the Thunder & Hay Moon. This is because July is often a month of thunderstorms, the time of Harvest & when Male Bucks regrow new antlers. 

I am taking this as a very positive sign of new growth, new beginnings & new directions for all of us. Desperately working to bring calm to a world in chaos. I have been sending distance Reiki healing this week & especially today.

I wanted to write about something positive today, as the news is so utterly atrocious, heartbreaking & sad. For anyone affected strongly by these events then meditation can be a good release, even for a few minutes. I am very lucky to be able to perform Self-Reiki daily, it most definitely help ground myself today & balance my thoughts. Reiki is such an amazing energy healing.

I have found myself so upset over & over when watching or hearing the news today (as I am sure you all did) that I had to take myself away from my computer, to do something completely different for an hour. There are so many Why's? How could they? & similar questions that are just unexplainable. To take another humans life is utterly deplorable.

As an empath I have felt uneasy this week and this was heightened after listening to Doreen Virtue's Angel Messages for 11th - 17th July. I have felt quiet disturbed, trying to disregard feels of unease, sensing a tragedy involving children, her words were so spot on, so awful. I wish there was a way to stop these monsters. 

Time for a walk in nature...

Please take extra care of yourself, your loved ones & your neighbours at this time of great unease. It is a struggle but we must focus on the good, the positive & the beauty of the majority. We are all still here for a reason, let's make the most of today. 

Bright Blessings to you all


P.S. Do leave a comment below or drop me an email. One thing is for sure, it is a good time to share, communicate strongly with each other & spread the love that we are all so capable of.

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