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Solstice + March Full Moon Energies

Updated: Mar 18

Magic is in the air, have you been feeling the big shifts? How has the energetic chaos been for you? The weirdness, the spiritual tests, the energy expansions, are showing us transformation is here. Our role is to get comfortable with the uncomfortable over the next few weeks, trusting in the process, and becoming super comfortable with the uncomfortable. Taking risks, following our biggest dreams, and throwing out the 'how' it will all unfold.

Energy Update March 2024

The collective of energy portals this month are constantly providing opportunities, allowing us to pull change into place. All that we have been manifesting and predicting for years is here, invest in YOU, start that self-healing program, move, go self-employed, whatever makes your heart sing. As you take action, you open doorways to prosperity, this outstanding infinity 8 year, especially in March. We are laying the foundations for 2024, spiritually the true New Year begins with the Ostara Spring Equinox on 19th/20th March 2024, depending where you are in the world. Solstice works with/is governed by the natural seasons of nature - the year springs into being, as does the natural environment around us, in the northern hemisphere. Build on your intentions and undertake exceptional healing for your soul's vessel, so you are energetically opening the doors to all that you want.

Please do not panic if you are feeling unsettled this week, finding that you are questioning everything, as we head to the Equinox energies. It is a general energy consensus so we truly metamorphosise our miracle lives. Take extra special time for you, to really feel within your physical form, is what you are doing truly your ultimate dream. The 19th & 20th are our big chances to dial into our inner voice, our higher self, and attain the answers we seek. The challenges are shaking us up to force us to evolve, nothing to be scared of.  A time of inner balance and new beginnings, to create the life we have always wanted.

I heard this quote today; Success is where preparation meets opportunity, perfect!

Love and Relationships, wealth and abundance, taking courageous action this week as we then have the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra on 25th March at 07:00 London, UK; 08:00 Europe; 00:00 Los Angeles; 03:00 New York and 18:00 in Sydney, Australia. I love that the American clocks went forward already, something they do better than us! Please rest, if that is what you are called to do, go with whatever you feel, productivity is high, let's get motivate to new heights. Emotions are high, grounding is key, allow the feelings to rise, deal with them, we are humans after all. Surprises, miracles and big shifts are incoming, role with it, the universe always has your back, believe and achieve.

Something very prevalent with these energies, that I talk about a lot when coaching others, is Ants - automatic negative thoughts which unfortunately is often also, automatic negative talk too. People are so used to complaining, and are happy continuing on the path of negative talk and negative thoughts which massively lowers your energetic vibration because everything is energy. Energy is your currency, you would not let someone keep withdrawing money your bank account, so stop allowing the negative lifestyle/attitude of others zap your energies.

Those that want to live in the world of bad news need to be separated from you, we can guide them, and guide them again, but if they still insist on telling you everything that was wrong with their day, their experience, their life in general, then you are perfectly within your right to stop listening. Imagine they are the radio spouting negative news, turn them off as you (hopefully) do the media shite, otherwise your energy field lowers. It is a big cause of tiredness, fatigue and unworthiness, causing our own mindset to deplete, permitting self-doubt to creep in, maintain your energy field beyond belief. You are worthy of living an easy life, this is what we are bringing into being in 2024.

Manage Your energy Vibration

We go into Mercury Retrograde on 1st April - 24th April 2024 in Aries, there is further guidance here: Ways to Dazzle this Mercury Retrograde. How it affects you is entirely up to you, wisdom and trust will help you to achieve miracles. You may notice things surface, process them, rise up from them and call in the repayment of your generosity and gifts that you have reaped throughout your life time. Know that our energy affects our surrounds, the same way a negative space plays on us - it is often a mirror for you of what needs working on to upgrade and heal some more. When constant, what we can perceive as, problems show up, then we can be drawing them in with our energy field, when personal healing is not undertaken every day.

We are also preparing for the dynamic Lunar Eclipse Energies on 8th April, big challenges will materialise, external to you, but it is nothing to fear, as we double protect our energies and consciously navigate the energies, whilst manifesting our true desires. It is time to evolve, change is here, we are separating from the old ways of living and quantum leaping into new energies of desire, love and abundance. Energetically the intensity of the energies can be causing those awake to feel most tired, as we are assimilate the upgrades faster, all happening as it should. We are a quarter way through the year, you have so got this and know that 2025 will be a rest year, 2026 a restructuring year then 2027 is another big year of energetic shifts.

New relationships are forming, expanded friendships, love and wealth manifesting is ON. You may be noticing that life is easy and unfolding with divine support at every turn. I love you all, have a stunning week and do get in touch if you want to heal yourself through me, as an energy conduit for healing. Let's make it our best year yet, enjoy the Solstice + March Full Moon Energies this week, your are amazing.



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