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Summer Solstice, June's Full Moon in Capricorn & The End of MR

We are entering into a week of exceptional energy patterns; highs and lows that will test our patience to the core and then bring us unparalleled joy in the next moment, up until Thursday's Full Moon. The worldwide energy upgrade continues with the evolution of human light expansion and even those who refuse to wake up spiritually and acknowledge that we are more than our physical form will find it hard to ignore the intense emotions we are experiencing. Set time aside every single day to be in your own head with your heartfelt thoughts and desires so that you can plan your intentions with extraordinary precision.

It is your time to shine, steam through any theoretical road blocks that you manifest unconsciously as we get ready for the end of Mercury Retrograde (MR) on 22nd June too. There is a post retrograde shadow that can see the continuation of the miscommunication, disruption and mental confusion so pausing those big changes, the signing of contracts, making large purchases and transforming your world is recommended until after 7th July 2021, unless circumstances cannot truly be avoided. Trusting your intuition is always the best advice.

The energies are asking that we cultivate a fresh approach to all we do, think and feel for the remainder of this year. Working with a different mindset and new perspective will do wonders for your manifesting abilities and healing from old negative habits. I highly recommend fully embracing the electrifying and empowering energies of the sun this Summer Solstice on Monday 21st June with the longest day at it's strongest at 04.31am BST. Make time to celebrate the midpoint of 2021, the seasonal changes and the amazing spiritual growth of humanity at this time.

Astrologically, Saturn's energies, and Pluto in Capricorn, are providing those who are working to hide the truth from us all with consequences, one could say karmic occurrences of 'pay back' for the massive lies and fear that they have perpetuated throughout society. Lying will always come back to bite the perpetrator on the behind and the scale of destruction, fear and gargantuas imbalances in so many souls mental health has been sad to see. Those that have benefited the most financially are often those actually making the rules and regulations and causing a lot of the issues at this time. Finally the truth will begin to reach the masses, although their ability to hide it from the mainstream is still very much in place. Articles, research and the cases brought against the rule makers are removed quickly from the Internet, which is disheartening, but we must keep faith. News stories should be full of facts and the truth, not embellished data generated to create extreme fear. The more you can avoid the mainstream media and discussing negative thoughts, feelings and reactions, the better your life will become. Try it for 24 hours, if it is a habit you have yet to release, your overall health and wellbeing will thank you for it!

The Full Moon is in Capricorn, an amazing sign for navigating both material and emotional realms, on 24th June at 7.39pm BST, 11.39am PST, 14.39pm EST & 4.39am AEST. Tune into your own energy field, listen to your inner voice, your internal GPS and record your goals and dreams as they have evolved and expanded and list the actions you are taking towards their completion. It is the magnification of our thoughts, desires and accomplishments so far in this lifetime and the alterations ask that you believe, with all your heart, that you can achieve anything and live life in a whole new way.

For the suggested rituals click here but as always follow your instincts on this and do what you are most drawn too. Cleanse your Crystals and the powerful ones for the impending changes are: Agate Dendritic (spiritual growth), Hematite + Black Tourmaline (grounding), Calcite Root Beer, (breaking old habits) and Clear Quartz (the master healer). Have a stunning week and enjoy the momentous shifts in energy and embody the changes into your world. It is an exciting time to be alive, let's make the most of all we have, all we have learnt and all we are going to manifest into our lives. If you want help with anything then get in touch for some Coaching, an Intuitive Reading, Distance or In-Person Reiki, to learn Energy Healing, Heal from the Past or to broaden your spiritual abilities then do get in touch.


I am a being of light, I am increasing my spiritual mastery and loving life, my neighbours and myself on a far greater scale than ever before.

I have the power to manifest my dreams and help many more people awaken and heal as a result of this weeks energy shifts.



(+44) 07949089265

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