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Navigating The Energies of Mercury Retrograde

Updated: May 29, 2021

Finding ways to navigate when life requires you to complete contracts and make purchases inside the timeframes of this energy upheaval is going to be a struggle but all happening for a reason, more lessons to strengthen your power and resolve. Mercury Retrograde is a time of miscommunication, crossed wires and a 'pot of confusion' that challenges us over and above what we normally experience. Add into the mix possible technological complications and a super strong need to work on our anxiety levels, that can be heightened now, and it is going to be a bumpy ride. Mercury Retrograde (MR) is always an astrological whirlwind and this time it is coupled with eclipse season, with Wednesday's (26.05.2021) lunar eclipse and the impending Solar Eclipse on the 10th June 2021. Having them both within a fortnight is not that unusual but the length of each eclipse is particularly rare, the lunar eclipse was exceptionally short and the solar eclipse will be one of the longest for some years. The next MR is tomorrow, 29th May - 22 June 2021 and you should allow for a shadow period of a few days before and afterwards, as the impact of chaos and catastrophe can still be prevalent.

One important emotion that is at the forefront during this period is patience - you may find yours is tested over and over again! It is all about controlling how you react, monitoring your perception and discovering all you can learn from the lessons showing up. Crystals that are excellent for helping us manage patience are Dragon Stone, Emerald, Lepidolite, Angelite and Arfvedsonite.

The planet of Mercury influences the mind and is the chief mixer upper when it comes to communication, travel and information sharing. An old saying, 'dot all the i's and cross all the 't's' is important, double check message sharing, triple check travel documentation and practice some breathing exercises for when work is challenging during this time. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and is a speedy planet, which is one of the strongest energies it carries. I think we must harness this aspect in order that we can try and make things workout during these shifts.

It does not need to be a bad or troubled time, it can be a very grounding and healing period, as we clear emotional baggage, de-clutter our homes and our minds and solve issues that have been causing stress and fear within us. It is important to be extremely clear with all forms of communication, especially speaking and truly listening to others, not focusing on your response to what they are saying; the effect of what you watch and read is exacerbated so turn off the news! Do research for everything that you take on and finely manage negotiations, discussions and purchases. Send multiple versions to validate information you share and to make sure you are correctly understood.

It is highly recommended to not sign any big contracts, buy or sell any big purchases or undertake any new agreements, unless they have been in the pipeline and the terms planned out already or unless your intuition is 1000% sure, remember you know best! It is ideal if you can schedule in less important tasks during 29.05 - 22.06 but the universe may have other ideas for you. When it is unavoidable to sign contracts, start new projects, relationships or make a large purchase then call on all of your spiritual knowledge to bless it, send oodles of Reiki energy to it, apply extra sound healing, saging, burning of frankincense and visualising positive outcomes to yourself and every day. After all we have endured over the last eighteen months, it is time to stand in our power and be confident that even astrological upheavals are not going to impede the success of our life path. That being said, even verbal contracts are thought to be doomed too, let's see what we can overcome at this time! Do let me know how you get on in the comments.

The cosmic world may have you feeling that the safest place is your personal sanctuary but we have spent enough time indoors. We must find a way to conquer the provocations Mercury Retrograde brings and this can be done by flipping things on their head - when your internet plays up, do not get agitated instead be grateful for how lucky we are to have this tool at our fingertips. If your computers accentuate a plethora of issues then take it as a sign to go and do something else. I often say things don't go wrong; they go a certain way to open up new doors for us or lead us onto a new path. As clearing out your closets, drawers and paperwork is top of the to-do list then find the time to do just that. Decluttering your external world will have a massive effect on your internal world and your ability to organise, manifest your dreams and live less dramatic, chaotic lifestyles.

Rekindling friendships, relationships and love for yourself is another trait highlighted by Mercury Retrograde. Pick up the phone, write that email and be open to having lots of laughter and fun, much needed right now.

Crystals for Mercury Retrograde as a whole include: Amazonite, Labradorite, Spectrolite, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Septarian Pebble, Clear and Rose Quartz. As always though, pick the ones that you are most drawn to from your collection and carry them with you/keep on your desk or by your bed for the next 25 days. We can book you in for an Intuitive Reading via Zoom this weekend too and review what your key focuses are and how your current thought processes are impacting your manifesting and what to adjust as we encounter this astrological turbulence. The more prepared we are, the greater our levels of survival and thriving will be.

Remember: You are a powerful, enlightened soul and it is a great time for you to thrive, to calm anxious thoughts, and build on using your intuitive abilities every day.



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