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Energy News: Leo Full Moon January + 2024 Expansion

Updated: Jan 21

The infinity year of the dragon is proving to be momentous, we are seeing quantum leaps in consciousness, impressive growth in humanity, soul awakenings as more learn to live in their truth, trusting in the universal processes, allowing visions to expand, and themselves to upgrade, exponentially, once more. It has been wonderful to hear many, my clients in particular, talk about the fact they conceptualise they are in control of their destiny, that by remaining focused, and envisioning the end goal, they are manifesting magically. They sense the energy shifts, within and around them, with changes showing up in our physical reality too. This is further actualised by feminine energy being honoured, our strength, power and abilities to comprehend, and see, things that masculine energies often fail to see, which is very apparent + exciting. We are no longer being squashed, please know how divine you are, no matter your current form, we are all one, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, beliefs, age, language, location, everything.

We are supported in our transitions of improvement by our, ever present, galactic teams and with each moon phase. Living by the moon cycles leads to an abundant spiritual life of greater understanding, balance and growth, as we work with the energy shifts throughout the year to maximise our thriving mindset. I hope you have added the dates to your calendar, I listed them here: Moon Calendar for you all. We go into the next Mercury Retrograde on 1st April, so the next few months of 2024 are for planning and taking massive action towards our dreams, key for our expansion this year. We are creating life as it should be, without the old constructs, pressures, and control mechanisms. The more souls we can get fully on board - thinking and acting positively constantly - strongly believing in their hearts, the faster the transformations will appear - what goes 'wrong' does not matter, everything is a lesson, the 'bad' stuff is no longer to be the 'foundation' for life - lets just talk about the good stuff, then the quicker magic will materialise.

Transitioning To New Earth

The January Leo Full Moon is on 25th at 17:54 London, UK; 18:54 Europe; 09:54 Los Angeles; 12:54 New York; 26th Jan 04:54 Sydney. For those who have done substantial healing, and remain vibing high, no matter what each day supplies, our pure light is shaking up the energies for the evolution of others, and to move the false light ones out of our way. We are rattling the energy cages of others, but do not concern yourself, we are a trigger for pure souls on the way to healing or to shift the dark ones aside. Some souls won't be able to handle your frequency, just breathe, let it go and allow them to work out why they have been uncoupled. We are tools for their journey, send them love, whilst massively maintaining your boundaries, vibration and grounding, so you fly high. Stand in your light and be your magnificent self, it is why we are here!

We Are One - Oneness of Being

Please know that some souls will continue to be challenged, as they face all that needs clearing, and as they embody the new light codes and atmospheric changes recreating the new earth. We are here to be their support system, provided your energies are not compromised in any way. The 20th January is a monumental energy day, a shift not experienced since 1777, as Pluto moves into Aquarius for 21 years - one of the biggest astrological events this year. Pluto = Peace Love Unity Truth Oneness; Aquarius stands for Freedom, Liberation, Community, Harmony, Technology, Inventions. Pluto is known as the destroyer planet - anything that does NOT align with us will be crumbling, the deconstruction of that which does not serve the World. We are taking back the power of ourselves, running life on our terms, be sure to continue with no fear, keep grounding, and hug yourself for me. We are divine sovereign beings, I recommend not letting any alterations unsettle you, how we handle the energies defines our path moving forwards. The unfolding, the unveiling, of the truth, is ON, bringing the 'hidden' to the surface + new harmony to Earth, amplifying ambition and desire without the old 'competition' + materialism.

You have the earth within you, you need to think beyond who you are and ask, how much am I willing to give up to find the real me? Stepping away from victim consciousness, old habits, fears, doubts and unlearning a great amount of what we have been taught. My Innerdance sessions assist you with this process, a liberation from addition, of thoughts, actions and reactions, to a magical independence of self. The playlists and energy healing activate the nervous system to remove the illusion of separation, fear of death, judgements, triggering turbulence to bring you back to trust, to your original self. A relearning, re-remembering journey of who you are and to move into an infinite way of being, without limitations, perception blockages or doubt in your brilliance. We will get Innerdance within the schools throughout the world, so that the young souls keep their innate abilities alive. It is time to change the world, for good! I would love to help more of you, online via Zoom or private in-person + I have a group in-person session on 17th Feb in Richmond, London. I believe Innerdance to be a key tool in helping humanity relearn all that has been 'forgotten', and craft a return to themselves, message me with any questions. We are re-awakening our brains to their original source, a new field of consciousness, of divine neutrality, we are one. Preparation for Innerdance = surrender, a huge theme for 2024, a return to the true you, so delicious.

We then have a plethora of expansive opportunities for our growth with the dynamic 2:2 Portal opening and 3 Super New Moon's incoming on 9th February, 10th March & 8th April, wow, the energies are most definitely aiding our passage to new ways of living. Decluttering should be high on your to-do list for 2024, things + yourself, ask - Do I use it? Have I ever, or will I ever, use it? What purpose does it serve to you? Is it blocking my energies? Are occupants of the home constantly sick? Do we want to keep drowning in illness after illness or unhealthiness or anger, poor attitudes, short temper - clutter effects it all, the same as sugar, alcohol + consuming animals. Clear it out, this isn't a game, it is reality, 'stuff' = sickness, as much as stored energy blockages within you do to.

Do a releasing ritual, set intentions, whatever you feel guided to do this Full Moon, you choose. Protect your energies before any interaction with others, electronically + in-person, throughout this year and know energetic support is here. Super important to do your healing now, so we can all transition together, we are moving from the Kali Yuga Age into the Golden Age. Alchemise your energies, time to clear the past forever, and rebirth your whole being, Mother Earth is undergoing a massive transition too.

I saw a video the other day where Clear Quartz is actual breakout through the tarmac of roads - Mother Earth has had enough, time for her to breathe in a whole new way, as you can to, it's time. Look through the eyes of your heart, the wisdom of your soul, not your overthinking mind. We are shifting from a linear way of thinking (the 3D construct) into light frequencies, re-understanding all we are. Your higher self wants to communicate with you, all we forgot is coming back online. Time to heal any remaining broken parts of you. Please know that any 'sickness' you are experiencing is your body adjusting to the new energies + showing you what needs working on, as it causes you to slow down, nothing to worry about, you can fully heal yourself. Remember, no fear allowed, we have worked lifetimes for all that is here, now, let's party, I love you, keep being your wonderful self and shine like the bright star that you are.



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