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February Full Moon in Virgo Energy Focus

The 222 Energy Portal Gateway has remained open since 2:2:2024, supplying us with powerful levels of divine feminine energies, in quantities previously unfelt in modern civilisation, and helping us to face and let go off our old selves. It closes on 22:2:2024 and has been providing us with film reels of emotions, synchronicities + events, that saw us recall loads of crap from our past, it has been horrid, challenging and engulfing, but needed, so we can stand in our light and wipe out the darkness.

February Full Moon in Virgo 2024

We have the February Full Moon in Virgo 24th February at 12:30 London, UK; 13:30 Europe; 04:30 Los Angeles; 07:30 New York + 23:30 Sydney. The big energy focus is the ego - our personal darkness - falling into old habits, thoughts + actions. Please know that is how we, our parents, grandparents, and many generations before them, where talk to operate. It is one of THE biggest pieces of the puzzle of the ascension journey, master your egoic self and your life will metamorphosise for eternity. As we are doing the healing work, we are healing seven generations behind, and in front, of us, to ensure the world evolves forever. Please understand this, it makes facing the shite so worthwhile, by healing you, you are healing life for so many more souls. It is like a golden ticket for your family, your ancestors, your future selves, it is truly magnificent.

All the atrocities occurring have been planned for years and are part of the great awakening because many are now realising that their own countries are aiding Canaan - using its old name - and are therefore very much a part of the mass genocide. My ears are ringing as I type this, another sign that our guides want our attention, we have to be malleable, to be open to the energies, the signs and messages in front of us. The greatest way to assist those being abused is to vibe so high that the collective consciousness transforms perpetually, radiating out into the world.

I would love to help more of you at this crescendo point in the upgrading of life on earth, yesterday we had my special In-Person Group Innerdance in Richmond, it was divine. I will be back in the church on 16th March 2024, aiding you in resurrecting your kundalini energies of fire, an enormous stride you can take to become who you truly are. Trying a session is the best way to experience the magic on offer, after two recent Online Private Innerdance Sessions (we can do it via Zoom, in the comfort of your home), as with so many who fully surrender to the energies, the vertebrae in their spines click with a renewed flexibility - you open a greater doorway to the celestial energies with each session. I have reached a level of nirvana I never previously thought possible, when I did 18 months of weekly online sessions with a soul in Mexico. It is important to find a regular healing practice to keep yourself healthy, whole and complete.

Focus on all you are grateful for in the chaos, it can be hard when we are locked in the density of the madness that they are trying to shovel onto us but we literally fly high above it. We don't advertise it, we don't worry about it, we evolve from it, and stand stronger so they have to stop. Regardless of what happens, you are safe and held, you are meant to be exactly where you are, and experiencing all you are, it is your soul's contract, that you agreed to before coming into the physical form this lifetime.

There is a LOVE wave of energies on its way, an awakening to Christ Consciousness, an enhancement to your personal birthing process, the rebirthing of you, as you become whole. The more healing you can do on yourself in the build-up to this occurring, the easier it will be to absorb the energies and maintain a state of equilibrium. We have literally been in labour, birthing ourselves for a long time, now it is here. You will know you have done the work, and what your role on earth is, when you feel the euphoria, as the solar flash hits. It is the greatest change since the inception of Jesus, we are stepping into Christ Consciousness (FYI nothing to do with the old 'religions')

Full Moon Daily Mantra Ideas:

  • I AM a powerful frequency transmitter; I draw to me all I desire

  • I open my mind to possibilities beyond what I have been taught in this lifetime

  • My opportunities expand exponentially

  • I ask my higher self for consistent guidance, with an open heart

  • I AM using the full potential of myself

  • I forgive everyone + everything from my past so that I fully reclaim my energies

  • I de-progamme any scarcity programming

  • I master my vibration so I can get whatever I want - a bold statement but the clearer you are, the more the universe can, and will, assist you

Ascension is the conscious participation in your own evolution, calling in your higher self + your guides and trusting in the process. It is fundamental to balance your body at this time, eating clean, hydrating often and exercising - walk, dancing, laughing - anything that nourishes your soul. The 'symptoms' list from the current energies is very long, know that you are encountering a reaction to the energies, not 'suffering' a 'sickness'. Grief and sad as strong emotions, as we let go of our old selves. Stomach issues for many, the solar plexus, our willpower centre, as fear and the ego try to take control.

We have the 3:3 portal energy gateway of opportunities opening as we enter March, embody the energy frequencies and let yourself thrive. When people don't believe in magic they will try and bring you down, see that as a challenge to vibe higher. If those around you are stuck in 3D, send them oodles of love and keep your vibration high, we are not here to awaken them, healing has to be a personal decision.

You are an anchor for the higher dimensions, alchemise your energies to call back your power back, remove the old belief systems and trapped emotions within your physical form. The concluding stage of releasing, as the jigsaw puzzle of new earth comes into being, we are in the final production, as much time as you can give to your advancement, the easier your transition will be. We are consciously in the higher dimensions, 5th & above, so the last big concentration on healing your physical form is closing the gap. We will never be in this situation again so let's enjoy the upgrading, face + let it all go, constantly lifting our consciousness back into the present moment. Centre your attention on your end goal, not the 'how' but the desired outcome, as you take action towards your wildest dreams.

We are stronger, more able to transmute and channel any pain, to leap into the here and now, freeing ourselves of any doubt, fear, confusion, scarcity and worry. You are doing amazingly, be proud of all you are achieving, releasing and improving. Activating your external chakras, which you can do yourself or I can do for you, will assist you in embodying the changes to the energy field over the next week. To book a fully remote session, we just need 30 minutes when you can totally relax: Earth + Soul Star Activations.

This is the time we have been waiting for, talking about, and working towards, how you see the world will depend your next journey. The least you can moan about everything that you perceive as having gone 'wrong', and talk about all the positives, the great bits of your day, week, month, then you transform. I have Online Innerdance Sessions available this week, group or private, Quantum Healing - remotely or in-person, Coaching via Zoom, whatever it is you sense you need to rise up above the craziness.

Daily Communication With Your Guides

Remember you have all the answers within, set the intention to take some time to listen to yourself, talking out loud can help to ground you, and stop reacting to the 'old'. Some questions:

  • Am I where I want to be in life?

  • What can I do to get to where I want to be in life?

  • When am I most fulfilled, most satisfied?

Think about the emotions you are looking to achieving, rather than the 'things', allow you to discover where you want to truly be and doing what you truly want. These can help with the writing for burning with the Full Moon Ritual. We are in this together, lets help each other in new ways and reap the rewards, in this 8 year of personal empowerment.



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