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Dancing With The Darkness

The intensity of the energies have taken a toll on us, physically, mentally and emotionally over the last few weeks, know you are not alone, and there is much we can do to realign ourselves daily. The force with which our bodies have been experiencing the heaviness of the energies is to allow what needs to surface to show up, although it has been brutal, it is due to the acceleration of the changes here on earth at this time, so we can maximise the growth and improve ourselves. Many highly sensitive empaths have gone through constant strong desires to leave the physical form. This is something we can be plagued with, when the darkness appears overwhelming, but let's choose to dance with it, laugh through it, and know it will pass (even though it can feel unmanageable as we work through it). Not feeling like we belong, when we can see the truth about the control matrix, exasperates the feelings for sure.

Suicide is extremely prevalent, but when we understand we don't go anywhere, that we repeat life times, it helps us to make the most of NOW. It is a tough one, when the darkness is fully in control of our thoughts, it can be extremely difficult to let go and let flow. This is why rituals/habits are super important, meditating, energy healing, activating your merkaba, applying protection, mantras, working with crystals, any of the practices that bring you peace and clarity of mind. Life is a hologram, which is why our manifesting is on FIRE right now. Truly FEEL in your heart what you want and miracles will show up. If it isn't what you called in, then the universal energies deem us not ready, that more heart opening experiences need to occur.

I hope the lighter energies this New Moon Day are allowing you to breathe in a whole new way. There are some inspiring videos, to learn quantum breathing, to expand your consciousness, with channellings from the Elohim via David Clements, a professional theoretical physicist and mathematician. David looked into the fundamental theories of the makeup of the universe and his academic research involved furthering the fields of super-string theory (a quantum theory of sub-atomic particles and multi-dimensional spaces) through to advanced concepts in electromagnetism. The videos are available FREE here + he collaborates with the Stargate Experience too, which I have mentioned previously. Let's all upgrade together, further generating the community of oneness throughout the world.

I love you, communities of strength are forming, allowing us to permeate pure energies of LOVE together. Our healed selves, help those around us evolve, yes individual work is required, to magnify the results, but just our presence can penetrate such powerful energies out into the world, the collective feels it and benefits. We are one, we are equal, we are magical and let's manifest enhanced levels of fun, happiness and easy living as it is our birth right. Hugging yourself is medicine, managing your thoughts is healing and welcoming the transformations with an open heart is magnificent. If you would like guidance coaching, quantum reiki healing, to learn how to do it on yourself daily, to retrieve a lost part of your soul or to delve into your past lives, then drop me a message. Distance Healing, coaching and ceremonial work is as powerful as face to face, permitting formidable change to your lives; In-Person is in Richmond, London, UK.

Have a stunning day, wherever you are based in the world. There will be a big surge of love energies open to us for the next few years, evolution is here and magic is happening.



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