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Reiki & Crystals for Weight Loss

Reiki is phenomenal for so many areas of our lives, from removing stress, anxiety and depression; for building confidence and self-esteem; easing pain; alleviating sleep issues, aiding with fertility and the pregnancy journey, for sending to events in advance, to ensure there smooth running; to help those suffering with physical ailments, the list is endless!

One major activity that Reiki can really help with is our weight and overall health as it ignites our immune system to increase healing. We can reiki our food, to improve digestion, and intend that healing energy is released into our bodies as we consume food, allowing it to have a positive effect. I know that I can eat the same food when stressed, as when I am calm, and they will be ingested in very different ways.

'We are what we eat' is used a lot, and in some respects it does have an effect on us but the biggest weight loss issue (as with dis-ease) is our emotions. If we have unresolved issues; live or work in a threatening, challenging or critical environment or have so many learn bad habits about self-esteem and self-worth that no matter what we do we cannot lose weight then regular Reiki can help.

Taking my Certified Reiki Level I Course allows you to apply Self-Reiki to your daily weight management, of which I have in-person (takes 1 day of training) or my online course that can be completed as slow or as fast as you like, dependent on the time you have available. Then you will have the knowledge to Self-Reiki daily or you can come for regular treatments (preferably weekly or fortnightly). Some affirmations to use along side this treatment is "I release my body weight with every step I take", "I am my ideal weight and I am happy with myself" and “I am healthy, whole and complete“.

Crystals are also an excellent aid for all our healing journey's, carrying them on/with us and building mini grids in key areas of our homes is extremely beneficial. Apatite, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, Moonstone, Lepidolite, Sodalite, Smoky Quartz & Black Tourmaline are great recommendations and work wonders, with the improvements in mindset and habitual changes around weight loss.

Remember we are looking to 'release' the weight, not 'lose' it, as this has negative connotations and we try and 'find' it again. Releasing is to be our new weight reducing Mantra. Detox drinks can help to 'flush out your system' of stored foods but ultimately we are looking to remove the negative energies stored within the seven chakras, mainly the third one, the Solar Plexus Chakra as it is associated with food and is the centre of willpower and our ego and personality. It is the chakra that is all about the perception of who we are. If we do not feel good, our bodies do not feel good, they cannot function to the best of there capabilities and feel sluggish and slow. 

We need to sense our personal power, be confident, responsible, reliable and full of self esteem. We only have one change at this soul journey within our physical bodies, lets enjoy the ride! There are crystals that can be carried to aid with weight releasing, be sure to reiki them often before taking them with you.

Happy self-loving week, especially to all those unhappy with their current situation and looking to make a change, believing you can make it happen works wonders.

Do comment below, email over any questions you have or to book Reiki Treatments and my Courses.



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**updated blog from 2016

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