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Crystal Reiki Article for Kindred Spirit Magazine

I am constantly asked about the benefits of Crystal Healing with my Reiki Treatments & so am reposting the Kindred Spirit Article I had published in July 2017. To book a Crystal Reiki Session call 07949089265 or email

This is my article about Crystal Reiki published in Kindred Spirit Magazine, Summer Edition 2017. The magazine is on sale in Health Food Stores & Holistic Centres.

The Life Changing Benefits of Crystal Reiki.

Reiki is an extremely powerful and effective energy healing treatment that restores emotional, physical and mental balance to the body, mind and soul and when combined with crystals, the results are amplified. The removal of energy blockages ignites our own immune system to heal, adding Crystals enhances and speeds up the healing process providing even greater relief, relaxation and emotional growth.

When working with Reiki daily it is possible to gain increased awareness, insight and understanding that can lead to greater wisdom and productive decision making, especially at challenging times. It is very grounding and releasing negative emotions frequently ensures optimum health and wellbeing, as the constant build-up of stored feelings are cleared. Crystals have also been used for thousands of years to generate energy and release negativity and blockages. We are naturally receptive to their vibrations and they can provide a clear state of consciousness during treatments. Both Reiki and Crystals are excellent tools for transformation and for magnifying the energy within and around us.

The Universal Life Force Energy used in Reiki works through the Crown Chakra, from above, and in contrast, Crystals bring a grounding energy from the earth, meaning they sync perfectly together. I recommend using Crystal Reiki when there is something specific that needs to be addressed. Examples of uses include; manifesting set goals and life purpose achievements, health problems or an injury or defined ache, balancing weight, improving self-worth and defined relationship issues, such as lack of trust or commitment.

Crystal Reiki uses specific symbols that can be added to the traditional Reiki symbols and applied during a session or used to create the crystal grids. It is the practitioner’s awareness and understanding of each symbol that illuminates its power. It is interesting that some of the symbols have religious associations but for Crystal Reiki their resonance lies in a plane outside of the physical third dimensional programming.

Sacred geometry, often known as ‘Tattwa’s’ is the essence of nature through which we experience the world around us and they aid with centering and grounding us, as they stimulate the subconscious mind and energetic body.

Daily we are so over exposed to artificial Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), prolonged exposure can interfere with our biological process so we need alternative ways to restore balance within us, Crystal Reiki can help. Often common ailments, such as fatigue, high blood pressure and insomnia can all become exaggerated by EMR. Let’s work to improve the overall health of society today, I believe a huge percentage of dis-ease is emotionally based and can be eradicated with Reiki, crystals, yoga, new thought processes, healthy eating and the many other alternative healing modalities can greatly reduce the need for conventional medicines.

This type of Reiki requires the client to complete and return a detailed intake form. The issue can then be assessed and the necessary crystals cleansed and prepared in advance. It is key for practitioners to follow their intuition when selecting the crystals to use for each session. When clients are eager to work with the practitioner during the sessions, they can visualise their goal as already in place / healed and imagine the emotions they would feel as a result. I find it is a good idea to get the client to fully describe the feelings, in terms of colours, textures and sounds for each so that they can ensure strong visualisation as you perform Reiki.

Sessions begin with a brief consultation, to ensure the client is looking to work on the same issue as mentioned in the form. The stones are laid in a grid, below or beside the treatment table, on the client’s chakras or the area of focus. There are standard sequences for the seven chakras, containing many of the main healing crystals that can also be used.

The use of Crystals with Reiki should not be confined to treatments, it is wonderful to apply the principles to where we live, work and play to further enhance the energy around us, and to constantly remove negativity from our lives. Reiki opens the door to intuition, gratitude and compassion, creating more peaceful, happier lives. Crystal Reiki merges the universal life force energy of Reiki and the amazing healing properties of crystals to achieve an omnipotent energetic conduit to aid the healing of yourself and others. I run Reiki workshops, and have online courses available, should you feel drawn to learn this wonderful energy healing modality.

Have an amazing summer.



+44 (0)7949089265

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