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Aries Full SuperMoon, LOVE Energy Surges & Autumn Equinox

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

What an exciting time to be alive, the magical energies are really bringing about exceptional changes to life on Planet Earth. I hope you are enjoying the improvements to your mental, physical and emotional being, we are free. The uncovering of truths is seeing multiple souls stand in their power and challenge the old systems. I love all that is showing up, darkness and light, as we upgrade individually and collectively. How are you feeling? Are you enjoying riding the wave of powerful energies and opening your heart to miracles? The collapsing of the previous controllers is divine, Oprah being cancelled online was a strong message to the 1% that we are not going to tolerate their lies and revolting behaviour any longer.

Autumnal Renewal of YOU

Yesterday the Mabon Autumn Equinox began, marking the reset of nature and us! Peaking on 23rd September 2023, at 7.50am BST; 2:50am EDT + 06:50 UTC. Beautiful opportunities arising to fully embody who you are destined to be NOW. Spirituality = reality, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, transcending into the peaceful, joyful souls we were born to be.

The LOVE energy surges at the weekend, and throughout October, are providing you with the strength, clarity and assurance that humanity is upgrading. As I said, the energy will peak on 23rd September at 7.50am BST, 6.50am UTC & 11:50pm PDT(on the 22nd). A quantum gateway of infinite possibilities as we come together and create magic in the air, to heavily nudge the winds of change into being. Spread Love, joy, harmony and connection frequencies with your own energy field, we are all part of this process. Daily practices very much help, as we visualise, intend and have the powerful belief that LIFE IS BETTER. The frequency we all emit over the next few weeks will decide the next steps for you individually, and collectively as a whole.

Fierce LOVE energies are penetrating into the planet, know that your mood, mindset and motivation matter for this process to triumph. We are all part of this creative process, trust the process and enjoy it! Many of us Wayshowers, Star beings + Light Leaders are upping the frequency we are emitting to generate more balance and peace throughout the world. Join us?

Your true power lies in literally rising above the projected world news…so that you do not feed their next moves by residing in fear. To understand that we have ‘called in’ the crazy shite because as a collective we constantly went (past tense!) into fear is very empowering. Don’t connect in with the collective negativity, or do, you choose.

Saturday is a powerful energetic upgrade, a cosmic infusion of light, for us to accomplish a new way of being. It will illuminate our 5D+ quantum possibilities, all that is required is for you to merge into the wholeness of you, to truly believe in your power, abilities and worthiness to live with ease, in continuous happiness. Elevate your personal frequency, manage your thoughts, feelings, and how you communicate, your throat chakra, it will all effect your journey, and that of the collective.

Living in your integrity, embracing quantum consciousness, you are a goddess of love, beauty and abundance. Aggression and ego used to run the world, now we overturn that, the feminine energies are rising up. Patriarchal power is no more, release their power over you, you are not meant to be 'stuck in fear' or the past or the future, NOW is what matters. The collective evolution of humanity is underway as we unite our energies and unlock the old controlling thoughts, feelings and actions. You were born to do far more than just 'pay your bills' and 'tread above water', dipping in and out of unworthiness and unhappiness. This weekend is bringing us all into quantum consciousness, a new balance, freedom and lucidity that we are here to have fun, all the time, no matter what we are doing.

Next Friday, 29th September 2023 we have the final SuperMoon of 2023, a Full Moon in Aries at 10:57 London, UK; 02:57 Los Angeles; 05:57 New York & 19:57 in Sydney. A ring of fire will form around the Sun for a few moments, the moon on steroids, as we raise the frequency of the world. The fire sign of Aries is calling you to no longer be a people pleaser, to stop wanting/needing to impress people - our mother wounds are healed - everything is a choice! Allow the dark feminine side of you to be unleashed, ancestral healing is happening at accelerated rates...when you permit it, do the work, and move on.

Our goal throughout this whole process is to have an easy life, to ensure an easy life for everyone. You have come a long way, you are achieving all you desire - love your body...your adventures...your home...your bank balance...your....fill in the blanks!!! One of my daily mantras: Life is Easy, the frequency of the world is reformed, reset and renewed. It is harvest season after all, time to reap the rewards of all your hard work, in this and past lifetimes. Call in what truly lights you up, you are worthy, you are loved, you are frigging AMAZING.

Deconstruct all attachments and understand you are a free being. Decluttering is still a you need all those things that you never use? Are they holding negative energy blockages amongst your objects? Are you ready to let go of the possessions to empower you, to rise up? I am ecstatic with the number of souls coming forward for me to energetically cleanse their homes, reset is ON. Do a Full Moon ritual if you are called too, there are many examples online or here, enjoy.

I am back in the non-denominational church in Richmond at the end of October for another double Innerdance Kundalini Activation - tickets are on sale + there are discounts available until 01.10.2023. I have had some delightful emails over the last few days from souls releasing awakening your Kundalini is THE missing piece of the enlightenment, healing puzzle, very exciting! My online activations are weekly, at varying times, so everyone can join, when they are ready. 1:1 Private Activations can be In-Person or Online...time to help you achieve all the above smoothly, simply and to a high magnitude. Life is for living with ease, not waiting for the day off, holiday, break from the noise...every day is heaven on earth, when we choose it to be so. Be grateful for all you have, all you are calling in, and all you are helping others with, you rock!

Message me if I can help with anything else, some distance quantum healing, or in-person, coaching, whatever you feel will aid you in fully embracing these energy upgrades. Then we can get you booked, enjoy the magical energies over the next few weeks. Rest when you need too, dance when you are called too, and love yourself to greater levels than you ever felt possible. This is all occurring to provide us with an upgrade to living, 5D, & beyond, is like upgrading your phone, computer system etc…it is YOU allowing the upgrade to occur that will make the difference in your personal world. You are a divine being, living at this time for a magical reason...I love you all.



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