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Understanding Your Shadow Self

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Life brings many experiences and one of the biggest errors of human nature is that we often treat ourselves worse than we ever would another, until we learn to fully heal our past, repair our ancestral lines and move forwards. To harness our greatest potential, we need to face our shadows, clear the negative ones from our consciousness and habitual thinking, and grasp the high-achieving wonderful components of ourselves.

The shadow self contains parts of ourselves that we refuse to accept or acknowledge, things we try hard to hide, but not heal, because we do not like those personality traits. Often, they are formed by the trauma, shock and upset we go through - like distrusting people based on our past. Forgiving yourself, mastering new ways of perceiving life's habits and realigning your soul so that you can have more fun, laugh more often and stop carrying the poison of your past daily is the guidance from the universe. Whenever you feel you are unworthy, you are suffering in that moment and the cells within your body feel and hear the pain and upset you are experiencing which can lead to dis-ease. Affirmation: "I am perfect and I live in the here and now."

Your dark shadow self will surface when you see traits in another that annoy you and can cause you to become agitated. When another's actions trigger you, they are a mirror to what you need to heal, where you have experienced upset before or a trait within yourself that you dislike. You do not have to live with the old you, now is a time when we are evolving at an unusually fast rate. Transforming no longer takes years, it takes intentions and true belief in our hearts that we are deserving. Ask yourself questions like, why did that bug me? Why did their behaviour cause that emotion? What is the lesson to be learnt? Shamans look within for life's answers, we need to do the same.

We are going through a humungous shift in human consciousness and for us to fully succeed and embrace the new energies we need to break through the dark night of the soul. This means we are being required to navigate through our defence mechanisms, our biggest fears and take greater risks. We put our shadow self onto other things and other people, for example if you get unnecessarily angry at another with no just cause.

This stops me getting angry 98% of the time to maintain my energy field:

Each time we encounter another human being, there is an exchange of energy.

- If both are happy with the encounter, then there is a neutral exchange of energy

- If you become angry, then the other person steals your energy

- If the other person gets angry at you, then you are stealing their energy.

The greatest thing about the shadow self is that it also contains the most amazing parts of you. We happily congratulate others when they achieve great things, not (previously) believing we can achieve them too. As we admire an achievement in another, know it is within you to do the same. We are amazing and capable of greatness, no matter our history and ancestral past. It is time to change the ancestral patterns as part of the upgrading of consciousness. No judgement of self or others is our path, we are finding the light to ignite our passions, goals and achievements. Cultural and social programming causes us to repress parts of ourselves but now it is time to recognise them, heal the broken components, encourage the positive sides of our personality and believe we can manifest unbelievable things.

It is so important to follow your heart's desire, leave that job, relationship or friendship and thrive doing what you love. We are not long in the physical form therefore it is imperative that we discover ways to enjoy each moment, no matter what we are doing. Stop replaying painful memories - do it once, right it down and burn it with the next full moon energies (or sooner if the moon cycle does not align with your writing). Every time you replay these memories you are feeding the demon within you. If this happens apply oodles of self-care, work on retraining your thought patterns and know you are allowed to be free from the memories that no longer serve who you are now.

Letting go of all that no longer serves you is our journey, it takes time to recognise the real, whole you and changing can be scary but the results will be worth it. When you feel like you are losing your identity, know you are redefining yourself, to be an even greater human. When we feel stuck, this is another sign that we need to work on resetting our energy and improving our mindset and perception. Trust yourself and surrender to the journey, it is an exciting time to be alive on earth. Be sure to stop rejecting the real you, discover your dharma and make laughter, passion and carefree living priorities. We have a great opportunity to ascend by raising our vibration and living a multidimensional existence, whilst remaining in our 3D form. The key is to work on removing the ego, facing all aspects of yourself and healing that which you want to change and release from your world. Time to come out of the darkness into the light on your spiritual awakening journey. If you want help, do get in touch and we can get you booked in for guidance, Reiki energy healing, teaching or a reading, to review your life path. .



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