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Activation Time This New Moon

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

What an amazing start to 2022, the energy downloads and DNA upgrades have been phenomenal. The energy activations are open to you when you tune in and allow the transformations to guide you on your life path. In this past week, I meet my dragon guide in a meditation, activated my Merkaba and went on an astral travel journey to Sirius. That may sound mind blowing but it felt totally 'normal' and exciting. For those of us that are awake/awakening the opportunities for ascension are amazing, if you want guidance do get in touch. Our next intention resetting is approaching as we head to the Pisces New Moon on 2.03.2022 17:34 (London, UK); 09:34 (LA); 12:34 (NY) and on 03.03.2022 04:34 (Sydney). When planning your goals for the next month, be clear, concise and direct about that which you most want to achieve. We think the universes 'hears us' but it doesn't unless you truly feel it and believe it in your heart. A suggested ritual can be found HERE.

March is full of wonderful new energies, especially for the New Moon, and we are being guided to be brave, bold and curious. It is the only month of 2022 without any planets going into retrograde and we have another portal of energy opening 03.03.2022, the day after the New Moon, supplying a refreshing wave of change and personal growth. New Moon’s = new beginnings and this theme is going to continue throughout the month, as we head to the beautiful energies of the Spring Equinox. You will most certainly notice a spring in your step during the season of rebirth, renewal and new directions.

The Pisces traits of emotional sensitivity, heightened awareness and creative imagination strength our skills to become more in touch with all that is around and within us. Our patience, resilience and belief in the impossible is being challenged, manifesting miracles TODAY. Once more, we must release any old negative thought patterns, and trauma we are still holding onto and step into a new way of being. March is presenting us with an explosive, transformative time, which it is not going to be easy, but it will be so worth it. It is THE month for mastering any anger that arises, any temper tantrums, and altering your perspective on life as a whole, once again. Shed your old self, allow rebirthing to occur, starting with the New Moon energies.

Super important to STOP watching the news or if you see a story come up, do not let the fear, worry and scaremongering they are trying to install in you to 'stick', throw it away. It is all part of the plan, we are not going into a world war, concentrate on your world and we will continue to thrive as a collective of awakened souls. This New Moon week will be emotional, let tears flow, if that is your mood, then release and let it go. Triggers continue to appear until we have learnt the lessons necessary for our growth. Clear your energies with exercise, walking, reiki, whatever enlivens your soul and generates feelings of peace, love and laughter. Be open to the unknown, expand your outlook and allow magic to take place.

One important chakra to focus on is the Casual chakra, at the back of the head, in the centre. It is connected to the Moon and is like your own personal Moon, absorbing and radiating divine feminine light. It is the key to expanding your energies, increasing your psychic connections and opening you up, to improving your journey here on planet earth. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, carefree, fearless and abundant, you deserve the best. Frequently cleansing, clearing and opening your heart chakra is recommended, it is your doorway to ascension and it then allows you to be open and ready for anything.

For those of you spiritually awake, protecting your auric field is now PARAMOUNT, every single day. The energy upgrades have allowed you to download and enhance your psychic, intuitive, and extrasensory abilities, so we need to perform added protection from dark entities. Some suggestions:

We are going to soar above the old paradigm of control and fear as we expand our connection with the energies within and outside, in our auric field. If you want some guidance with coaching, an energy reset with a treatment (distance or in-person), an intuitive reading to review your path, or one of my courses (1-2-1 at a time to suit you) then drop me a WhatsApp or email and we can get you booked in.



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