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Sorry...the Negative Effect Of It's Overuse

Sorry is such an overused word that is damaging to you, to your health and your connection with others, as you inadvertently undermine yourself. The use of sorry is so prevalent right now, with all that we have experienced over the past few years, and needs to be one of those habits that we leave out of our vocabulary. When you discover yourself using it, you are apologising for your existence here on planet earth, which is totally unnecessary and damaging to your soul.

Try changing ‘Sorry’ to ‘thank you..’ or a smile, anything that is of a positive nature that fits the particular situation. As we retrain our brains and thought processes to stop negative daily speech, we learn to vibe higher. The frequent use of sorry diminishes your progress, you do not need to constantly weaken your energy and shrink your aura, stop today!

Over-apologising has a negative impact on how others perceive you and on how you feel about yourself. Don't get me wrong, there are times and places when 'Sorry' needs to be said, but not daily, or multiple times in a day, at non-important times. Events can occur that warrant a sorry, when we inadvertently make a mistake but not for general use as we pass others etc. We are heading into Mercury Retrograde (MR) on 21st April 2023, when it once more becomes important that we are super conscious of our communication, something the energies of MR like to challenge for us.

Below is a great example of how to replace the negative word with positivity:

We really do not have to live with the habits from our past, stop saying ‘Sorry’ unless you really need to because you did something wrong!!! We do not want the next generations growing up apologising 24/7 unnecessarily and in such a way that is damaging to their self- perception and how others view them.

Challenge yourself to replace “I am sorry” with “Thank you” and see how much stronger and grounded you feel. Keeping a gratitude journal of 3-5 things a day that you are grateful for, further increases your physical and mental health and wellbeing. It can see relationships be rebuilt, friendships grow and self-esteem flourish!

We are all wonderful souls and are hear for a reason so let's enjoy each moment, especially in the here and now. Calling on our resources of patience is needed during this time and the impending MR period, know that you are not alone with all you see, sense and feel. Challenges show up as lessons for our growth, no matter how annoying they can appear sometimes.

Have a magical weekend



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