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Abundance Manifesting for Us All

Today I again felt compelled to write about how each & every one of us can manifest abundance & live the life of our dreams. It is one hundred percent true that 'What you focus on expands' T.Harv.Eker, so make it positive & what you ACTUALLY want. Make the present moment the time when you decide to altar your world and take the leap of faith in yourself and your life purpose. Our Dharma is our life purpose, what we are here to bring to the world, our service to this planet.  We all have unique talents & it is key we all find ours. Teaching children to focus on how they can serve humanity rather than how they are going to make a living will have a massive impact on the life path they take and what they contribute to this planet.

'Faith in the familiar sets the trap, break out of this pattern, set a new pattern & take that quantum leap' you2 by Price Pritchett

Here is what to do, to begin your life changing journey, 'I don't have time' is no longer a valid excuse. I have time to be the best, enjoy the ride and experience life to the fullest:

No 1: In order to manifest our dreams it is vital that we choose what we want to do, write them down, constantly review them & commit to repeating the thoughts, ideas & desires throughout the day, every day! Knowing exactly what you want leads to manifesting success. Write down what you want to achieve in the next year, 5 years or even 10 years and aim high. One of my previous blogs is very relevant here: Creative Visualisation. It is a good idea to test your visualisation as you manifest your goals and review today's particular achievements and plans.

No 2: When you are writing your lists include one for work and one for you personally, close your eyes & visualise them as being here, now.. whether that is money in your bank account, new clients or the health you have been craving. Then speak your goals out loud and apply the 17 second rule (full details here) to be sure that when you think a thought, you ACT on it! It is no good going back to the old habits of 'I will try that tomorrow, next week... sometime never', instead ACT NOW. It is very important to focus on the ends rather than the means, leaving the 'how' up to the Universe because worrying changes nothing! The only limitations we have are the ones we create for ourselves. Follow your intuition, throw out any fears as they show up. TAKE ACTION & be sure to do it BEFORE fear sets in, before doubt arises or the little voice sees you cannot do it. Money likes speed, act before you talk yourself out of it or find a reason it 'won't succeed'. 

‘Today I shall judge nothing that occurs, non judgement creates silence in your mind’ A Course in Miracles

No 3: Set aside time to experience silence & to meditate, preferably twice a day. Something I need to get used to too as meditating not only in the morning but last thing at night stills the mind for a more peaceful & rejuvenating sleep. Our internal dialogue initially creates a very busy mind but then the mind quiets through moments of complete silent. Do not even read a book, because then you are in a 'dialogue' with the author as you absorb the words. We have seen many people in films or books going through long periods of silence whilst on a retreat, when they are looking to fully ‘find themselves’. We can all do this, we just have to set time aside, to make the time, just as we 'make time' to eat, get dressed etc! Spending the FIRST 10 minutes when you wake up thinking positive thoughts & not going over 'bad stuff' will set your day on the right path, even if you choose to go back to being miserable & thinking negative thoughts or re-thinking what happened yesterday or what may happen in the future. We want a regular mental state of abundance, not lack, let's get re-training our subconscious minds now! Work with your subconscious & trust the insights you receive.

'Trying harder is not always the solution' taken from You2 by Price Pritchard

No 4: Make a plan to send kindness to everyone you meet, this can be in the form of a compliment, it does not have to be a material item. It can also just be a smile - or send a blessing - a silent giving. I send Reiki to everyone on the train & wish them piece & abundance for the day or when I go for a run / walk or shopping expedition I set myself a task to see how many people's day I can brighten with a smile. It is amazing how many people will actually smile back & you know that when you walkway, it that second, you have helped life their mood, even briefly. The more you give, the more you will receive, make a decision that when you come into contact with someone you give them something, even if it is just a smile or hello.

Don't force a situation, be flexible, keep your views open & non ridged & you will succeed. Let your desires manifest & show up, our subconscious loves repetition so set an alarm, hourly or as much as possible, daily to read your goals, visualise & achieve. I know this is a topic I will cover over & over again, the more I study & learn new ways of manifesting our dreams and discovering our true reason for being in this world.

Have an amazing week.



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'Our brains become magnetised with the dominant thoughts we hold in our minds and by means with which no man is familiar, these 'magnet's attract to us the forces, the people and the circumstance of life which harmonise with the nature of our dominant thought' 

 By Napoleon Hill from his book Think & Grow Rich

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